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Volume 187 | 11 January 2019

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Hello There

Hello there %$firstname$%,

Well, here we are as we approach the potential, promise and possibilities for 2019.  It’s been lovely to decompress a little over the year end break and we went to the South Coast Seaside for Christmas to stay with my sister and family – plus our combined 6 dogs!

For me there was a huge sense of letting go towards the end of last year – changing out my VA services as my trusty VA Amanda decided to go back to school to study – good for her and the dyslexic children she wants to help and our housekeeper of 16 years decided to retire at the same time.  This has turned out to be an opportunity for a big change around my business and our home and one I’m looking forward to (Snowy maybe less so!) as we are going to have a MAJOR clear out of our home (from loft to garage).  We actually live fairly clutter free already and yet I know there are things lurking in cupboards, drawers and dressers which do not suit or serve us anymore.

Also, there was letting go of 3 friends who’d died in 2019 – 2 dramatically, 1 not so but nevertheless, the pain and gap is always there.  I don’t know about you %$firstname$% but the year end is both exciting and melancholy in some ways and yet, the sense of the blank canvas of possibility is so exciting to me.  Hence the clear out of the clutter both mentally AND physically!

I’ve decided to change out a number of parts of my business which can feel ‘cluttered’ and one of the first things to do was to lay it all out in front of me in a sprawling MindMap.   As Marie Kondo, the tidying specialist says “keep only those things that speak to your heart”.  So, I am.  To be continued….

Oh and finally, you must notice how people keep banging on about New Year’s Resolutions which is just, in my opinion, an unhelpful and uninspiring phrase. I have a spin on it which I find to be more inspiring, more realistically grounded and achievable – it’s based on your evolution. How you’ve changed, how things have evolved. See what you think below %$firstname$%.

Wishing you and a your family a happy and healthy 2019 full of the things you want and hope for. Go. On. Go. For. It…

Thank you for taking the time to read this eZine as I’m sure you have so much vying for your attention. I hope the ideas and suggestions help you reflect and to show up, sparkle and be heard even more at work. There’s no time to do this like the present which is, after all, all we have guaranteed…

Warm and ever-sparkly wishes %$firstname$%,


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PS – Oscar Wilde said it best, %$firstname$% when he said “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Enough said.

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What's Happening

YOUR 2018 Year End Review & 2019 Planning Guide

Give yourself the gift of YOUR OWN Year-End Review.

I’ve created a special 2019 Career-Accelerating tool for you.

YOUR 2018 Year-End Review & 2019 Planning Guide. Carefully-crafted questions for you to capture your evolution and developments from 2018. Combine these with a way to plan for what you want in 2019. All together in one nifty, yours-to-keep document.

This is you giving yourself your own Year End Review – not your company’s, nor your boss’s. Yours %$firstname$%. You can ADD lessons from it to your company review and give it more impact…

Here’s where you can access your copy PLUS the Bonus recorded version with me personally guiding you through the Review section.

Having carried out my own last week, it made me make a clear and distinct decision about what I’ll be doing in 2019. Without the Review time, I’d still be swirling…

This little document helped me decide where my focus will be and why I want to let certain things go.  Try it yourself NAME.  It really works.

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Tweak 2 Letters And Change Everything 

Planning 2019 for how and where you are NOW

“Mind your Language” is a great piece of advice, truly mind it. Think about it. Think about the effect it has on you and then on those around you as you use it. As a self-confessed WordNerd it’s one of my passions that my clients really “get” how important the words and phrases are they choose and then use. If you already have a sense you could be more influential, more engaging and inspiring to other people, then changing and updating your ‘script’ transforms the way you connect with people.

A few years ago, I read an article by John La Valle http://www.purenlp.com/ and John is, I believe, a true word-nerd. A real wizard with the use of language and the difference it makes. He wrote an article about changing our New Year’s Resolutions and swapping them for New Year’s Evolutions.

Every year when someone asks me “so Kay, are you making any New Year’s Resolutions?” I take John’s advice and tell them “yes, but I make New Year’s Evolutions.

Think about the word Resolution – looking in my trusty dictionary, it means “a firm decision to do or not to do something. The action of solving a problem, dispute or contentious matter.”

When you pull it apart, re-solution becomes a solution, redone. You know when you say it there’s a bit of resistance there. Something you should be doing as opposed to something you want to do. Something you’ve tried to do before and are trying to do again.

It’s so common to make a resolution to eat less, exercise more, spend less, save more, work less, be with family more – or sometimes the opposite! You get the idea, though.

Now, think about the word Evolution – When you think of planning and committing to New Year’s Evolutions, there’s a different feel, a different energy about them with that word. Again, from my trusty dictionary “Evolution – the gradual development of something. Current senses stem from a notion of “opening out” and “unfolding” giving a rise to a general sense of development”. Open yourself up to who you are now and what you want, now.

Now with the word Evolution (remember, we only tweaked 2 letters) there’s a more forward motion to it, more of a sense of “Ok, for where I am now and for how I’ve developed now and what I want in my life now, this is what I want for my life in 2019”.

Try putting down 5 New Year’s Evolutions for yourself and before you do, take a moment with these 5 steps to think about how you are “opening out”, “unfolding” and “developing”.

  1. Think about how your life was 2 years ago – at the beginning of 2017 – then think about what’s going on now and how things have evolved for you.

  2. What are the major changes that have happened? (pssst – there will be some major changes, I promise you. It’s one of the few things we can guarantee in life, that things change. We choose how we respond to those changes.)

  3. Next, consider what’s happening in each of these areas of your life – home / work / relationships /career / finances and ask yourself “what do I want to have more of AND less of in these areas now?”

  4. Here’s where your “New Year’s Evolutions” start to form. From where you are now, for the person you are now, for what you’re doing now.

  5. Put down the following words and then finish the sentence at least 5 times “For who I am now and what I want now, in 2019 I will….”.

So, with two letters tweaked your Resolutions have become your 2019 Evolutions. Oh, and even if you don’t think you’ve changed much, around you the landscape will have, you industry, market, colleagues will have. That changes you anyway. How have you evolved though, that’s the question?

As Oprah Winfrey says: “The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be.”

I’d love to hear what you think. You can leave me a comment or a note here.

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Adrianna H. is a Project Manager in a global energy company. She participated in my small group mentorship Present & Express Your Best, Most Valuable Self in Business as she was struggling to be recognised and rewarded at work:

“Kay really delivers on what it says on the tin! Her ability to assimilate information about people and almost provide a diagnostic within one call is truly phenomenal.

Three are three R’s that I would use to describe the content of our mentorship alone:

Relevant; Always current and cutting edge, Kay incorporates up to date examples, references, people and thought leadership to help build immediate understanding to her concepts.

Rich; Her style is absolute class, and her ability to pierce through the surface of her cohorts was at times quite scary. Kay provided some in depth food for thought, asking us to question and confront some of (mine at least) the deepest fears I have carried with me since I started my career. I truly feel transformed without them and it shows in my results day-to-day.

Resonate; Time and time again, Kay’s words pop into my mind when I need them. It’s like I have been hypnotised into believing in my own superpowers now – thank you!”


Kay's Owl

A is for Adrianna AND for Accomplished, Achievement, Admirable

For 3 more of these sort of positive, punchy and powerful words go to: www.kaywhite.com and find today’s words at the bottom of the page. They’re there to motivate, inspire, compel both you and those around you as you use them every day AND, see below for your Power List.

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As referred to above, Marie Kondo’s bestselling book has become something of a global phenomenon.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying has turned into a TV show on Netflix and also Marie is licensing Tidying Consultants around the world too.  I love this simple premise of things having to ‘spark joy’ to be able to stay once you take them ALL out of the wardrobes, cupboards, drawers.

It’s so easy to think “Oh, I’ll sort that out some time” but here’s what I’ve come to realise.  Like a computer programme that runs in the background, slowing down your operating system – knowing you have to do this ‘some time’ is with you in your mind.  

Snowy is on-board and is looking forward to having a slick, organised and white-washed garage and he’s been looking at Pinterest for inspiration which is so smart!


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Savvy Style & Sparkle Soundbite

Enough said here %$firstname$%.  It’s that time of the year when – if you choose – you can allow yourself to reinvent yourself, your space, your way of working.

I have some more for you around this exact subject of personal reinvention and, in the meantime, here’s another quote from Marie Kondo.

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About Kay

Known as the Smart Career Moves Mentor for Ambitious Corporate Career Women, Kay mentors and coaches professional women who want to attract promotion, recognition and rewards at work without feeling they have to ‘sell their soul’.

Running her own multiple 6-figure coaching & mentoring business for over 10 years, Kay shows her clients, who are corporate career women at all different stages of their careers, how to naturally attract more income and opportunity while being true to themselves.

Kay’s clients learn how to present themselves most effectively at work and to combine strategic, planned career move-making steps with influencing skills. She also teaches compelling and assertive language and powerful mindsets around, for example, money, ambition and worthiness. She draws on her own 20+ years corporate career in the male-dominated world of London insurance broking. Kay started her career at 18 as a Secretary and left as a Director, having also worked for the company in Paris, to start her own coaching business. Some of her ex-colleagues have become clients and Kay still speaks French – now more enthusiastically than fluently.

Comfortable on her feet, Kay regularly hosts Live Events (for 5 years, her annual 3-Day Live Event – Show Up; Sparkle & Be Heard LIVE – has shown corporate career women how to attract promotion, recognition and rewards, all without selling their souls).

Kay is author of the two International Number 1 Best-Sellers, “The A to Z of Being Understood” and the recently launched “It’s Always Your Move” – you can connect and find out more from Kay at: www.kaywhite.com

Living close to London with rescue sighthounds, Jeffrey, Pharaoh & DeeDee, much of Kay’s inspiration comes from walking ‘the hounds’ as she calls them – whatever the UK weather – early in the mornings in the local countryside.

Kay’s husband says she’s the Pack Leader and he knows he’s part of the pack.

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