A different spin

I’ll believe it when I see it.”  This hackneyed and somewhat cynical phrase we’ve heard and used for years.  

If you think about it, it implies it’s unlikely and you’ll be amazed if it happens. 

  • ” I’m due a promotion this year, I’ll believe when I see it.”
  •  “My boss is going to let me lead on this next project, I’ll believe it when I see it.:
  • “My children will walk the dog every morning, I’ll believe when I see it “
  • etc etc

Dr Wayne Dyer, an American self-help speaker and author took a different spin on this phrase.

I’ll see it when I believe it“.

Try that one on for size .  “I’ll see it when I believe it.”

If that isn’t an invitation to manifest something, I don’t know what is.

One the years I’ve come to realise I’m something of a manifester myself.

I tend to say things as if they’re happening or already happening.

A few examples:

  • One day we’ll live in an old property in mid-Suffolk (we do and our nearest town is described as The Heart of Suffolk.”
  • I’d love a blonde, hairy Lurcher“.  Douglas, who came to me via a Facebook group I’m in, was a puppy who wasn’t even born when we said YES.  His Mum (and he) is a blonde, hairy Lurcher.
  • I always saw myself running my own business, happily married/with someone and with sighthounds, like Greyhounds.  Lurchers are very much like Greyhounds.  I used to say this when I was single and working long hours in a glass box in the centre of the City of London.

These are just a few examples where I’ve believed it before I’ve seen it.

What you do have to realise too though  is this.

You can’t be too fixed in your idea of exactly how your manifestation appears to you or when.  If you get too fixed, you can miss it entirely.

Having said “No thank you” when the lady who contacted me via Facebook offered us an unborn puppy to comfort us after losing Pharaoh in 2020 I was ‘fixed’.

I didn’t want a puppy.  I wanted a grown up rescue blonde, hairy Lurcher.

After 3 days of sitting with my “No thank you“, I said “Yes, if it’s still possible.  Yes please.”  What a brilliant decision it was (if somewhat hugely frustrating at times!)

So where you can be more open and welcoming to your own manifestations?

  • Think about what it is you want.  
  • What you want to have happen.  
  • Where you want to see yourself.
  • Start to believe it.  
  • Start to talk about it as if it’s happening.
  • Try it.

Try believing it’s going to happen rather than “well, it might work but who knows” which keeps us small, safe and often frustrated…

Dr Wayne Dyer’s simple spin on a hackneyed old, cynical phrase can change your life.

It has mine, many times.

 In other news…


We’ve been taking it easy.   Seaside swims.  Long walks together exploring our new vicinity.  You can feel the Back-to-School energy on its way.  We’re enjoying this lull.  I hope you have your version too.

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