Continual Studies & Training

Combining all the different training with my own diverse and extensive corporate and life experiences keeps me nimble and developing my own ‘way forward’. This is what I want for you. Combine your own unique skills, value and personal story and use them for the good of your business, your career and yourself.

Way Forward Solutions Ltd is the name of my holding company. Way forward solutions are what everyone’s looking for too. To help you find yours as you communicate and connect, persuade others and position yourself and plan for your career success is what I’m all about now.

I show experienced career women how to make it easier to ask for and get a “Yes” to what they want in business – and it works just as well in your personal life too. It didn’t just come to me in a dream though. I’ve studied and invested in myself and my development for years. Have you?

Kay White continual learning

Learn Lead

Licensed Master Practitioner & Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Society of NLP, USA

Accredited Corporate & Executive Coach
The Coaching Academy, UK

Clean Language, Entry Level
The Centre for Clean Language, UK

Practitioner of Thought Field Therapy
Kevin Laye, Association of Thought Field Therapy, UK

Master Results Coach and Trainer
Christopher Howard Training, USA