Above and below

Ha!  It’s such a great throw down and when I heard it I knew to share it with you.  “We all exercise below the neck, what about regular exercise above the neck?”

You know we’re encouraged to consider all manner of exercise and practices for the well-being in our bodies but what about in our minds?  

What about that massive super-computer we run in our heads, above the neck?

Hearing a client – let’s call her Jane – say that she knew certain things helped her mental state (journalling, mindfulness, gratitude practices) but she “only does them for a while.”  

That’s the aha for us both .

Just as when you work out at the gym, go for a run, cycle 10K etc – if you only do it once in a while, the ‘good’ it does you is limited.  In fact, it can actually be ‘bad’ for you – a shock to your system and too much in one hit.  

Consistent.  Regular.  Commitment.  That’s what works.  Both for our physical and for our mental workouts.  

Jane recommitted to a number of things and to DO them rather than know about them…

So ,  with this as a backdrop, I want to invite you to give yourself the gift of a true mental workout AND a break at the same time!

Give yourself the gift of some time, space and guidance and join me at my Brand New Virtual Event – Friday 17th September…in just 2 weeks.

Be More Self-ish.  A day to focus on your own self-care – energy, career development, nutrition, sleep, boundaries and MUCH more.  All the things that have had to take a backseat as you focussed on others over this intense 18 months we’ve just experienced.

I’ll share a number of my behind-the-scenes practices (and potions) with you so you can try them on for size.   

You can find all the details and see how it works for you to be with us here – all from the comfort of your own home/work office.

  • Take a spot-check on where you are now with your Wheel of Well-Being agenda 
  • Create a Self-Care Manifesto so you can commit to yourself how you want to look after YOU
  • Learn with and from other corporate career women who’ve struggled, made changes and hear their lessons
  • Hear me and my brilliant speakers sharing their magic about Your Vibe Energy & Resilience; Nutrition For Focus; Sleep Well & What to Avoid; Purposeful Career Moves Now
  • Discover easy and effective ways to reboot your career focus AND boundaries 
  • Take a day for yourself – “A Spa Day for The Soul” as it’s been described to reconnect with how you care for yourself
  • Boost your energy, focus and self-confidence as we head into Q4 of 2021 

You know from reading my little eZine each week, I don’t do ‘fluffy’ but I do offer practical, tactical and truly relevant information, ideas and insights for corporate career women.  

Shall we invest time and have a day together focussing, guiding and boosting your commitment to yourself ?  All from the comfort and privacy of your own home office…

Any questions, just drop a note directly to my Assistant, Amanda.  Being more self-ish isn’t selfish.  It’s smart. www.kaywhite.live 

You can’t keep filling from an empty cup…

  In other news…


Snowy & I went on the oldest working bus in the world last week and Snowy said “It’s a true vintage bit of kit” by which I assume he meant the bus, not just me? 🤭

Douglas Puppyhound, Snowy & Jeffrey Hound had a moment together on the sofa and I said the magic word “Dinner” – you can see I caught their attention…

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