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Limboland was the name of a popular tour by the comedian Bill Bailey a few years back.  He’s one of my favourite stand up comedians combining sharp, clever wit with music, musings (and without that cutting/biting kind of humour).  He also won Strictly Come Dancing recently which added to his ‘cred’ for me!

Snowy & I watched a repeat of Limboland the other day and something Bill said made me laugh aloud AND think “I must write about this – it drives me nuts too“… So.  Here’s what it was about.

When asked “How are you today?” or “How are things?” I wonder if you respond with that dull and non-descript response “Oh, not too bad.”  I don’t.  It’s borderline depressing.  Things aren’t quite ‘bad’ they’re close though… “not too bad“.  

Now I’m not suggesting you go all gushing but you can consider responding with more positivity like “Yes, pretty good thanks” or “Thanks, I’m good, and how about you?”.  I’m sure you do already and if you don’t Amanda, it’s an easy switch to make.

You’re not only telling the other person about your state of mind, more importantly you’re telling yourself...

Bill Bailey goes on to discuss the additional “all things considered”which often follows the “Yea, not too bad…all things considered” which is where he had me laughing aloud…

When we consider ‘all things’ – which we can’t – we again tell ourselves “I suppose I’m OK when I look at ‘all things’ in life“.

Do take a moment and watch this brief clip and see what you think Amanda.  Around the 3 minute mark Bill goes into a brilliant ‘rant’ and that’s what really made me laugh – and to forever consider about how I respond to that “Hey, how are you Kay?” question.
So.  I hope you have an Easter break which you enjoy “all things considered” 😉 and that your Chocolate/treat quota is as abundant as you want it to be!

I’ve just read a brilliant book recommended to me by a client.  It’s called “Humour, Seriously” Why Humour is a Superpower at Work and in Life.  

Written by Jennifer Aaker & Naomi Bagdonas, I recommend it to you too.  As Peter Ustinov said “Humour is just a funny way of being serious“.  It adds lightness and levity to matters, makes connection between people quicker and easier AND makes us feel good… what’s not to love – and learn more about?

And finally – Incoming Cute Douglas Puppyhound Pics.  The others are grinning and bearing him…I make sure I share the love!  He grows daily…

Taking things to bed…

Enjoying the sunshine and his new harness before starting puppy school!

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