All Tiaras and Tracksuits?

My friend Sarah coined this phrase “it’s all tracksuits and tiaras” for me as we were discussing showing up on Zoom/Teams/Webex etc for both work and for play.

We agreed it doesn’t really matter what you wear on the bottom half of your body, just the top – tracksuit/tiara!  

To a point I agree with her and I definitely make the effort to brush the front of my hair at the very least.  It’s a sensitive subject to say what’s right or not or what’s the best thing to do about how we, as women, show up on camera these days.  

My view is to dress-for-your-day.  If you’re in meetings, team discussions, presentations and your normal dress code is smart/professional etc then in-real-life you’d likely make more of an effort than you would on your weekend.

I follow the same rule of thumb for my own showing up.  Hosting meetings and Retreats, presenting information – I may still have my slippers on BUT my top half is showing up as I would if I were live in person.  Whilst I don’t wear a tiara  the analogy is spot on!

Some clients mention their frustration when people keep their cameras off saying “Well, they wouldn’t sit in a meeting in the office with a bag on their head!” which is true.  It’s different though at home…

  • What are people’s backgrounds like?
  • Who else is sharing the space?
  • What has been going on for them recently?

All these factors affect if or how people want to show up more fully on camera.  I really get that.

I was late to the Zoom party with my clients having known about it for years and it was only when we went into lockdown that I embraced it. I too didn’t want to be on camera as I enjoyed the ponytailed/no makeup kind of days/meetings too.

What I realise though is this. The connection which is kept or made or truly boosted by regularly seeing each other in the way we can is important.  Hosting a 2-Day Retreat recently on Zoom, it would have been so dull if we’d been on my conference line.  Almost impossible I’d say to maintain connection, interest, momentum.

So, tracksuits and tiaras are here to stay for a while.  Snowy, my husband, is often in a smart shirt and sweater up top and has his joggers/slippers below.   His version of tracksuit and tiaras!

This was my Client Retreat Cocktail Party back in November – we add sparkle and had a couple of guests join us – all possible with our cameras on and our intention to make the best out of how we could be together.  Onwards!

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