Are you really?

Sorry, is it Ok to...” or “Sorry, it’s only me” or “Sorry” (someone bumps into you and you say sorry…)

If you’re a default-sorrier (not a real word but you know what I mean) then this truly is worth paying attention to.

“Sorry” when you’re apologising – genuinely – for a mistake, confusion, situation is always good to say.  And be ready to.

AND – If it’s something you say though for something to say – to ease the tension you feel or think there is – then be wary.

Sorry can be what I call a ‘Weasel’ Word!  

It slips in under your radar, it’s pesky and you don’t notice it but others do AND it seeps your power.  

I was working with a client this week, let’s call her Jane, and Jane said she knew she said “Sorry” – all the time.  

All the time?  So I asked her if she was actually sorry? and she said along the lines “No, I’m not really – it’s something to say“.  

So in essence for Jane it’s something that’s become a habit.  

It also, ironically for someone who’s keen and committed to doing her best, is incongruent and unauthentic.  The last thing Jane is or would want to be perceived as.

Watch out for your own Weasel Words like “Sorry” which you can use to start a sentence.

Other examples are “Just” or “Only” which can sound like

  • It’s only me…
  • Sorry, I just need to…
  • Can I just ….
  • Sorry, I have a question….

Can you sense how using these words seep your power and put you in a position of placating or somehow implying you want to be taking up less space!


Take up space .  

Have your say.  

Stop apologising and start assuming more.

 In other news…


We had a lovely seaside weekend celebrating Jeffrey’s bounceback to health AND Douglas’s anniversary of joining our Pack.  Look at that sunrise !

We also celebrated with friends and included Champagne and Whispering Angel (two of our faves) on the menu

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