Bridge Burning

“Don’t burn bridges.  The person you throw under the bus today could be driving it tomorrow.”  ~ Glenn Shepard

It might just be Spring, it could also be the end of Q1 and here we are in Q2 but many of my clients are thinking about – or acting upon – moving roles.  Either internally where they are or externally either jumping ships or industries.  There’s definitely change afoot.  Have you noticed it too ?

The quote above is so pertinent when you leave anything.  A relationship, a job, a group, a club.  Trying to leave on good terms, keeping your cool and counsel is often the smart woman’s way.  You just never know where or when you’ll encounter each other again…

Even if you’re leaving a role because you can’t stand another moment longer with your team or doing what you’re doing, you can still be objective as you leave.  

You’ll have learned so many lessons and been exposed to all sorts of people and experiences which will have taught you something (even if it’s that you never want to do that again).

In my own corporate role , I lost track of how many people left to go to the competition, full of anticipation for the new and, at times, sarcasm of the old.  Then, the situation changed...  

  • The company you left buys or merges with the company you went to. 
  • The boss you left to get away from joins the company you joined.
  • The team you didn’t want to work with any more are brought into your company. 

Like magic, here you are again.  I’ve seen all these things happen and remember how uncomfortable they were for those who burnt their bridges.

My suggestion is to do your absolute best to look for the positives in what you’ve experienced where you are and to seek to be objective as you leave. 

When you’re talking about what you’re going to do and why, remember you never know where you’ll meet again and when or if you’ll need the connection again.  That’s strategic as well as energetically strong. 

Next week I’m having my hair cut for the first time since October 2020 ie 6 months ago!  I’d always wanted to be in a heavy metal band (back in the day) and now I have the hair for it…

And finally – Incoming Cute Douglas Puppyhound Pic.  He’s getting too BIG for his car crate…time to upsize it!

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