Create space and trust

There’s a well-known saying “as one door closes another one opens” and it’s true, just not always obviously nor on the same day.

As I decided mid-year last year that it was time to change things up in my life, create more space, work more mindfully and change the rhythm of things. I had to close a few doors.

It can feel ‘scary‘ to do that.  

To let go, stop, to say ‘No’ to things or people, to allow the space for ‘what’s next’.

It can feel ‘scary’ to actually have that space….

That’s why, I believe, so many people are scared of retiring.  

“What will I do?” and “Who will I be without fill-in-the-blank” but I’ve learned to trust that feeling of tension (not fear) and to allow what’s going to come forward to do just that.

Changing the pace in my business and thus my life now means…

  • 95% of my work is online work, 
  • very little live-in-person work, 
  • no Events, 
  • 2 pared back group Mentorships with commensurate pared back income
  • More time to be present to what’s needed in our new home and
  • space for…?

And then, seeing what comes forward.

So far so much has and it’s exciting to enter this new phase.

  • An appointment to host ‘C Suite’ mentoring groups via a US company
  • A Board appointment on another non-profit
  • 3 Mentorships for an insurance organisation
  • Coaching & training for a Government organisation

And that’s only since August last year.

This isn’t to impress you in any way.  

It’s to encourage you with the best intention to look at the pace and rhythm of what you’re doing or continuing to do.

  • Does it still make sense to do this or to do it in the way you are ?
  • How could it be adjusted (not could it but how could it) to fit more comfortably into your life now…
  • What could you let go of and feel relief and a sense of space?

And – here’s the BIGGEST lesson I’ve learned.

When I shared with my 2 private mentoring groups my intention to reduce our time, their investment and their commitment – everyone appreciated it!

Taking things off others’ plates so they have less to juggle or commit to is sometimes the best bonus you can offer!

In other news…


A lovely lunch with some of my school friends in London was a special Saturday treat last week.  Some of the ladies have known each other more than 50 years from their primary schools.  We laughed aloud a lot, talked about things which would make our husbands blush (as women do) and we had that glow of shared memories and special moments.  Oh and at 6ft tall, I was always the tallest …. some things stay very much the same 😉🥂

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