Drink my Own Medicine

Ha! One of my clients laughed when I shared with the Group I’d noticed how I was drinking my own medicine.  She said it was good to know it worked for me too 😉.

A colleague introduced me to a start up virtual coaching organisation in the US.  She said she thought I’d be a great fit if it was something I was interested in.

Immediately, my judgement shield went up!  

“Do I want to work with a US organisation or any indeed organisation?” “I want to slow down rather than speed up” and “Working as a kind of loan wolf for many years, why would I join forces like that?” – all those immediate judgments came up.  

Blinkers if you will .

Then, after a chat with my colleague, I looked at the Application Form online.  

It wanted confirmation of many qualifications I don’t have nor am interested in having… 

Another blocker.  Or was it?!

So, here’s the ‘drinking my own medicine’ part.

  • I responded with all the things I have done.  
  • All the qualifications I have got.  
  • All the experience I have had of hosting virtual groups * errr, a LOAD!  
  • And all the corporate experience I’ve had (20 years of my own career experience and 14 as a career coach).

Quickly, I heard back being asked to schedule a preliminary date with an interviewer.  

When we spoke earlier this week, the subject of coaching qualifications (I do have many, just not the ones they were pointing tonever even came up.

Lesson for us both

Lead with what you can do, focus on what you have done, offer yourself as someone who will step up.

As women, we know we tend to focus on what we haven’t done, got, experienced and let it hold us back…  

Stop it.

Today I’ve already heard I’ve been invited to be part of the organisation and it’s only 3 days after my interview .  I was told I’d hear in 2 to 3 weeks….

As ever, keeping my own boundaries and what I will do (vs what I won’t) in mind, I’m excited to explore the next steps and to become a host to another group of senior corporate women.

Without drinking my own medicine, I’d have simply deselected myself and not gone on to have, what I’m sure will be, both a lucrative and a BIG learning experience.

Blinkers. Off.

 In other news…


Douglas has a knack of trying to hypnotise you into sharing your snacks with him.  Snowy wasn’t sharing his peanuts!  

I listened to a Masterclass on Productivity yesterday, as you can see, the boys were fascinated..😂.

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