It’s OK you know

Does it seem to you that life’s something of a blur at the moment?  As if the months/days are whizzing by?  It’s May tomorrow – what?! Yup. It sort of feels as if it was Christmas yesterday and yet, Easter’s somehow been squeezed in between now and then.

It’s OK sometimes to let go of doing what you ‘say’ you must do and allow yourself to pause.  That’s exactly what this brief note’s about . 

It’s a Bank Holiday here in the UK this weekend.  I’ve hosted 3 different live presentations and private roundtables this week and, just like that, it’s Friday afternoon.  

No other message from me this week other than this – sometimes the best thing you can do is let go.  “Don’t do” in other words.

Yoda, that famous philosopher said “Do or do not.  There is no try.”  After all, it is “May the 4th/Fourth be with you” next week too – Star Wars day 😁

I’m not going to try to pull together an eZine packed with a story for you but only this.  Be kind to yourself and, when you can, let go.

Snowy and I do always make time, early each morning, to walk our hounds.  It’s good for us all with these lovely light mornings and – it’s Bluebell time here in the UK.  Not that the hounds appreciate that at all…

.I was interviewed on TV on TickerNEWS! in Australia recently.  That was also a learning curve!  The tech pixies played nicely with us then and here’s my 10 minute segment for you.

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