Just 5 things

A theme has been emerging recently from client calls and friends’ updates.

Self-care.  Being kind to yourself.  Letting go.  Put yourself first.

Many versions of the same thing.  Remembering to “put your oxygen mask on first” as the phrase goes.  

The principle being that if you aren’t cared for yourself, how can you have the energy, mental capacity and focus to help and support others?

So an interesting conversation and ‘challenge’ came out of one of my group mentoring calls on this theme.

I thought would be useful for you too .

A client was telling our group about her company using a “High Five” kind of measuring tool for their work goals and developments along the lines of:

  • What 5 things are you working on at the moment? 
  • What 5 things have you made happen or achieved this week?
  • Which 5 people will you thank or High5 for their contribution?

You get the idea.  It’s a snapshot and summary which helps you keep track and also is a useful discussion tool for reviews.

I suggested we follow the theme of this into self care and ask these kind of questions to yourself:

What 5 things can I do today to show myself I care about myself?

What 5 things have I done today to support my own well-being?

What 5 things will support me to be my best and be able to help others?”

If I take it into my own experience at the moment I’d respond with:

  1. Meditate before getting up and before supper
  2. Walk the hounds for at least 30 minutes twice a day
  3. Eat my lunch away from any gizmos
  4. Speak with a friend instead of texting her
  5. Go to bed with a book by 9pm in the week Monday to Thursday.

Being fiercer about your own time and energy and supporting yourself is an investment worth making  and it’s one we often overlook.  

Try jotting out 5 things you can do for yourself today which will support just you.  

Instead of – Give, give, give.  Action, action action.  More, more, more. 

Stop it  if that’s you.  

had to when I became ill from all the ‘go go go’ I’d put myself through back in 2015.

Just 5 things per day.  Shall we try this together?  

!! Irony alert !!  

 In other news…


Having come up for air a bit after 2 weeks of unpacking boxes and trying to find things after our home-move, I took a day out yesterday with friends who own home accessory stores.  We went to one of their trade buying outlets and my wallet was well-exercised!  (Check out Luke’s Hermes Birkin bag too…had my eye on that too but he didn’t put it down 😉)

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