Limbering up

I don’t know about you but I have to get myself into the right ‘state‘ to be able to be out there and in the mix.

Being something of an introvert with extrovert tendencies (such a helpful observation from a friend many moons ago, it explained a lot for me about how I operate and why) I can do the sociable, chatty, inquisitive, sparkly version of myself, for so long.  Then I have to go quiet, to withdraw.

Some people thrive on the energy of others and reboot their own energy by being with other people.  That’s my idea of “NO WAY”.

An early mentor of mine in the US used to host a 3-day Live Event and be out and about, on stage and in the mix for the whole time.  

Then she would say along the lines of  “Join me around the pool tomorrow if you’re still about, it’ll be lovely to see you“.  Again, my idea of “NO WAY”.

When I hosted my own 3-day Live Events (for 5 years straight) I used to have to pace myself.  Disappear, have breaks, go quiet.  I could do the whole event and loved it all but only if we built in breaks, time out and reboot moments for me!  As soon as the event was over I disappeared in a cloud of perfume and sequins…

It’s not negative to do that, it’s just necessary.  It’s knowing what you need and making sure you have it to be at your best.

That’s the thing about knowing what your, as I call it, Zone of Brilliance is and what you need to be able to shine. ✨

So, last Saturday my 3 besties came to stay.  We had a full-on 24 hours of chatting, eating, drinking, laughing, tears too and then, they went home on Sunday morning.

I said to Snowy “I’ve run out of words“…and went to sleep on the sofa for 2 hours.

Rebooting myself.

Today I’m hosting a 2-day Live Private Retreat for my close VIP clients.

We’ll be together, focussing on career moves, developments and twists and turns.

I’ll show up and sparkle with them and for them and I also know I’ll quietly go to bed when I need to and disappear off to reboot when I need to.

Do look at your own Zone of Brilliance and ask yourself…

  • When I’m at my best, what is going on around me?
  • How have I prepared myself?
  • What do I know I need to have with me or on the horizon?
  • What do I know drains me and I must watch out for?
  • How can I best guard my precious energy?

And then do your best to make that possible for yourself.  It’s how you show up in the way that’s best for you, not your friends, family or colleagues but you.

It starts by asking yourself these kind of good questions and then being somewhat ruthless about giving it to yourself without apology…

In other news…


As a member of the Worshipful Company of Insurers, I took 2 guests with me to a dinner at Mansion House in the City yesterday.  My husband Snowy and a dear friend Neil.  Both in the insurance industry and both have been around the block a few times.  

The evening was hosted by The Lord Mayor of London who lives at Mansion House and who said “Welcome to our dining room” – see below!  I was very quiet the next day, rebooting myself in time for the Retreat.

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