Noticing what you notice

Hello there 

In the last week I have been out and about and in and out in a number of different ways!

  • First time at a LIVE Event for 2 years
  • An online Day of Magic with 10 clients focussing on their careers
  • Staying with my sis in Margate as she prepares to emigrate
  • Walking with a girlfriend and losing track of time this morning

And I realise this.  I’ve really missed being ‘live’ with people and out and about and, only some of it .

  • The Event was great but it was noisy, crowded and the commute was busy.  Out of practice as I am I shall pick/choose very carefully where I show up (if) from now on.  More so than before.
  • The online Day of Magic was brilliant and I’m convinced LIVE and Online mixes will be the norm going forward.  Energy, expense, travel all minimised and SO much covered.
  • Sorting and shuffling papers and hound-walking with my sis was bittersweet.  She’s leaving and seeing her will be that whole ‘jet plane’ kerfuffle I truly don’t miss.  Going with the flow.
  • Walking with Karen today – fun to chat and catch up and we both agreed we’ve pared down our friendship circles quite drastically through natural evolution and our own choice.

And here’s the thing  – the energy and time you invest in your work and your social life is time you never get back.  

That’s why sometimes, really thinking about and asking yourself “Does this support me and my precious, finite life energy, or not?” and then making your decision from there, guides you.  

Life and your energy is always trying to show you or teach you something.  

I truly believe the ‘shift’ in the rhythm of people’s lives is a real thing.  We are moving out much further into the countryside shortly.  
Much less access to London where I’ve loved socialising and working for all my adult life.  It’s all good and it feels time for us both.

Evolution is a true phenomenon – our lives are constantly flowing in different directions and paying attention to what pleases YOU (not everyone else) is key to you feeling content and more joyful.

I’ve learned to notice what I notice about where my attention and energy is best invested for what I want now.  

Not 5 years ago or even last year – but now.  It’s so different and acting on that rather than what you think you ‘should’ do is the key.

What about you…what shifts are you noticing in yourself and in your surroundings?

 In other news…


My sis and I walked on the beach with her hounds and watched the sunset…

Irem and I are on the Events Committee as part of the Worshipful Company of Insurers and it was SO good to meet up LIVE

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