Oprah’s spot on

Sometimes you just run out of words!  Well I do – and did.  

I spoke 4 different times on International Women’s Day this week and with the #choosetochallenge theme ringing in our ears, it was a day of celebration and of visibility for women, particularly.  After the 4th talk I was ‘toast’ and had to go to bed as I’d run out of words…

My focus during the day was how to challenge, what to challenge and when.  It’s all very well presenting about historical facts and general themes but in my experience, talks like that need to be practical with action steps and ‘try this’ kind of outcomes.

Speaking first at a global insurance company the turnout was 50/50 men and women and I encouraged everyone to use better questions.  To use <<open>> kind of questions when challenging people rather than >>closed<< questions which don’t really give you anywhere to go.

I gave everyone the chapter Q is for Questions from my best-selling book The A to Z of Being Understood and thought you might like a copy of the chapter too.  Here is is for you .  It explains what I mean and how to jump in and shift your own challenging muscle!

Today I’m hosting a Day of Magic for my Golden Circle client group.  Even though we’ll be on Zoom instead of at the RAC in London, we’ll still cover a lot of ground and enjoy questioning and challenging career assumptions… 

Yes, there will be a mini-cocktail party included – this was us in November last year including 2 special guests (with beards!)

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