Over Communicate

So, at first I just swore out aloud and felt like throwing myself on the floor.

After that moment passed I decided to do exactly what I encourage my clients to do.

Communicate, communicate, communicate.  


Well, arranging a number of business-related social events next week was a joy.

All booked, some paid for and all well-attended.


The Rail, Maritime & Transport Union (RMT) announced there would be rail strikes during that whole week.  Next week.

I knew my clients would be wondering what to do and how to respond.  It would have been easy to adopt the ‘let’s wait and see’ or pretend-it’s-not-happening Ostrich approach.

But then is it easy?  You still have the thoughts, you still get the questions, you still have the decisions to make.  It seeps your energy.

Instead, I was taught to over-communicate in times of trouble, doubt, uncertainty.

Not in a way that’s false or over-optimistic way but more in a ‘hey, this is where we’re at, this is the thinking at the moment‘ kind of way.

So, that’s what I’ve done.  

Many women responded grateful for the update and giving their spin or ideas of how they’ll manage.

  • The big charity event I was arranging has been rescheduled to September.
  • The private VIP Client Retreat will go ahead and we’ll flex with the timings and the activities.

We’ll be where we can, when we can and we’ll use Zoom, tenacity and a healthy dose of flexibility throughout.

 In other news…

Two of our godchildren came to stay last weekend and the hounds loved the extra cuddles and bedfellows!

We slipped in a lovely birthday mini-break for me yesterday!  Our new local town has a lovely hotel which we stay in and explored our new vicinity.  Getting older is a privilege not everyone gets to experience.  We went to a funeral this week of one of Snowy’s friends.  He was 55.  Enough said, bring on those birthdays, grey hairs and laughter lines.

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