Permission Granted

When I heard my client say along the lines “I’ve given myself permission to watch a bit more TV” it struck me.

That’s exactly what I wanted to do.  

I’d been very strict with myself for years about if, when, how, what I watch on TV.  Rarely turning the TV on from Monday to Friday.

Reading, chatting to friends, hosting groups, Spa nights etc.  TV just felt ‘wrong’ during the week.  

Often not even watching anything on the weekends either.

I’m not sharing this to impress you in any way but more to encourage you to look at where you might be denying yourself something which, in truth, you want to do.

So, over the festive time, I decided to give myself permission to watch a bit more TV.  

Discerning and, for me, not interested in soaps or gameshows or murders but some lighter things and documentaries. 

Snowy, my husband, has always been an advocate in being able to “relax and file the day” with a bit of TV (his normally involve cars, motorbikes or all things petrol). 🥴

I’ve enjoyed watching programmes about big country homes – Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey location), Castle Howard in Yorkshire, Holkham Hall in Norfolk and all the behind-the-scenes to running such places with +/- 190 rooms and £10K per week just heating one of them…  Much to Snowy’s relief it’s made me clear I never want a bigger house than we already have!

Fluffy programmes like Emily in Paris and a rip-snorting film I’d missed – Top Gun Maverick and quite a lot more here and there.

For 2023 I’ve evolved – as we all do, all the time – my thinking about if or how I watch TV more.  Stay tuned!


  • What might you give yourself permission to do more of which pleases you ?
  • How can you be kinder to yourself to achieve your 2023 goals (we think we have to be super-strict and yet we often crash and burn if we’re too tough on ourselves)
  • If you tweaked your New Year ‘resolutions’ and turned them into ‘evolutions’ about yourself, what might you do more or or less of?

 In other news…


My viewing development started with Purple Rain, the Prince biopic film my friend Jo and I’d promised ourselves we’d watch together with pink Champagne.  After 2 years, we made it happen just before Christmas!

Snowy and I have enjoyed a few glasses of bubbles here and there.  Cheers 🥂 to 2023 to you and yours.

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