Prince Helped Me This Morning

It caught me off guard.  The track Purple Rain by Prince came on the radio and something in me just burst and the taps turned on.  I cried like I haven’t for some time.

Purple Rain reminds me of so many things and in the 4 or so minutes it was playing it was like a cinemovie was going by in my head …

  • Prince himself dying too soon at 57,
  • the boyfriend at the time who bought me the album
  • the flat I lived in where I played my music too loud
  • the song I listened to on repeat when Miss Gina, our Lurcher, died in 2014
  • the words “I only want to one time see you laughing” – when the World feels so sad so much of the time right now
  • our two hounds looking worriedly at me as I sobbed...made me sob even more
  • missing my sis and her family and knowing that so many of us are in that boat

It made me go and look at what Purple Rain means from Prince’s own words.

Prince explained the meaning of ‘Purple Rain‘ as: “When there’s blood in the sky – red and blue = purple… purple rain pertains to the end of the world and being with the one you love and letting your faith/god guide you through the purple rain.”

There’s so much going on below the surface for us all at the moment and this picture below nails it for me. 

Anger – which is often what others see from us – belies the real emotions going on for us, now particularly.  Me this morning definitely.. Grief, overwhelmed, sad.  

Well {{first_name}} a reflective note from me today and also a heartfelt one.  I feel SO much better for having a bloody good cry.  It’s as if a pressure valve was released and Prince’s song, the moment when I could, the awareness – all collided and I just let go.

A client of mine said that she’d felt like a good cry recently.  I asked her “Well, did you let yourself cry?”  

We do often stop ourselves, talk ourselves out of it and with all she had going on that day, a cry – rather than a large G&T – would likely have helped more.

Just in case you haven’t heard this for a while…or ever


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