How prepared are you for 2016?

kay whiteDo you plan for your year ahead by taking a smart, strategic and focussed view of the year just gone? Most people don’t and they’re missing a trick.

Here are 2 Special Complimentary Gifts for you to make 2016 a purposeful, fruitful and profitable year for you.

2015-year-end-guide-sm1YOUR 2015 Year-End Review & 2016 Planning Guide

It’s all very well preparing for your organisation’s version of your Personal Review or Year End Review but hey, what about your own? What about what you want and need for the year ahead? What about your goals and outcomes? What you really want?

What about all that’s happened in ALL of your life which affects how you feel, the decisions you make, the plans you want to implement and the things you just plain want to let go of?

Let me guide you to make 2016 a clearer and more focussed year and show you how to take the messages and lessons from 2015. It’s hard to see it all for yourself, by yourself. Let’s do this together.

For a limited time, help yourself to a copy of my special Complimentary “YOUR 2015 Year-End Review & 2016 Planning Guide ” and ask yourself some searching, intentional and carefully-crafted questions to help you plan for a 2016 which has you front and centre in understanding what you want and – importantly – why.

Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions and as a result they get better answers.” —Anthony Robbins

sparkly-phone2‘Why Don’t You Just ASK?’ complimentary teleclass

So many women struggle with coming out and actually asking for what they want. Do you?

Do you hope or hint, wait and trust people will notice or think of you in their plans for promotion, opportunities, recognition?

Do you notice other people getting given the opportunities and rewards you know you deserve?

Do you know it’s time to step firmly into 2016 and really Ask For and Go For what you want?

Take the lessons and insights from your carrying out the YOUR 2015 Year End Review & 2016 Planning Guide and then learn how to ASK for what you want from those who can help and support you achieve what you want. No more waiting, hoping or hinting but a lot more direct, strategic ASKING for you in 2016.

Join me on a complimentary 75-minute Training Call on Thursday 21st January 2016 at 8pm. (recorded if you can’t make it live)

After you complete the 2015 Review & 2016 Planning Guide above, let me show you the exact steps to follow so that you ask for what you want in a clear, structured and persuasive way. We’ll come together 3 weeks into 2016 and make you a more persuasive, compelling communicator as you go for what you want in 2016. Clearer. More confident. More compelling.

Make sure people listen and hear what you want and then show them how and why to give it to you. Let me show you exactly how.

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Here are just a few soundbites which career women left when they did this exercise with me LIVE recently.

quoteI learned the importance of structuring your Ask – from the day-to-day requests, to the big ticket Asks – and knowing if you get a “no” that doesn’t have to thwart your progress in getting what you want.”

quoteThe Guide and the ASK model will be useful for all types of situations. It was useful being able to think about and articulate what you might need help with and then consider how you ask.”

quoteThe practical nature of the advice and tools to use is brilliant. Very often business performance advice doesn’t make it from the page into practice. But Kay articulated and demonstrated clear understandable techniques that build confidence but also allow you to think further about getting a yes answer. As someone who does not usually attend this type of session it was comforting to find other women facing often similar situations.”

quoteAsking and expecting to receive is not a self centred position. I’ve had a number of opportunities to ask for outcomes / changes at work this week and almost without trying I was able to articulate this is what I need and this is how can you make it happen with me and for me – bingo! It has.”

quoteThe Year-End Review Exercise gave me precious time to stop and think. I don’t do this enough and I realise how much I’ve achieved and what I want to let go of. 2016 will be better as a result of doing this work. It’s an investment towards success for next year and a gift to give yourself.”


gold-quote-lefftgold-quote-right“By taking the time to stop and appreciate who you are and what you’ve achieved – and perhaps learned through mistakes, stumbles and losses – you can actually enhance everything about you.”
~ Jack Canfield


gold-quote-lefftgold-quote-rightIf you don’t ASK, the answer’s always NO”
~ Nora Roberts



gold-quote-lefftgold-quote-right“ASK and Expect to Receive
~ Kay White

Let me show you how.