Reinvention Is Always Possible

Well, it’s not often I’m lost for words!  Opening an email today telling me I’ve been nominated amongst the Top 49 Elite Women in Insurance 2021 did slightly take me aback. Wow!

As someone who started as a secretary working in an large insurance broker and then, with various twists and turns over a 20 year career, worked her way up to be a Director before leaving to do “who knows what” at the time.  

The Award is related to how I show up in the insurance industry these days.  As a Coach, Mentor, Author, Speaker and proves to us both  how career reinvention is a real thing.

Sir Dominic Cadbury made a brilliant observation…

With that in mind, when you think about your own career, it’s likely had a number of twists, turns, surprises, opportunities, mis-steps along the way already.  

It’s what you do about them that counts though.  I got SO stuck.  SO frustrated and had a kind of protest energy about me before I resigned.  Now, I’d be far more considered, careful, strategic about what I did next.  In fact, I’m going to share exactly what I would do now!

I’ve decided to host a Complimentary Training as we head to the end of Q1 2021 – on Friday 26th March at 1pm UK/8am EST.  

Be Your Own Best Career (and Life) Coach

Registration will open next week, I’ll let you know how to Register.  Please just mark your diary for now  if you’d like me to show you how to take what you know and reconnect and reposition is with what you LOVE (either inside your organisation or, elsewhere).

Finally, this weekend leads us to International Women’s Day on Monday 8th March where the focus is ChooseToChallenge.  I’m hosting this segment during Refuge Fest tomorrow – all in support of Refuge, the charity for women and children against domestic violence.  

Here’s where you can join and be part of the 2-Day Fest where Dame Helen Mirren, Jo Brand, Fiona Bruce (and I) will be sharing our version of ChooseToChallenge.

Also, if you struggle to show up fully in virtual meetings OR as someone hosting virtual meetings who wants to make sure everyone has their say, not just the BIG voices, here’s an article I contributed to recently in Fast Company about that very issue.  

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