top mba magazine

Top MBA Magazine

Read an interview with the Editor who wanted to raise women’s awareness to how they come forward and apply what they learn as they step up. As I said in the interview, having an MBA is only more letters after your name until you truly apply it and leverage it. Being prepared to ask for and expect what you want in your career involves far more than qualifications. It’s more about strategic, planned conversations and assertive, influential language as you build relationships and, as ever, persist. Read the article here.

The Guardian

The Guardian

My March LIVE Event was featured in the weekly Women In Leadership Newsletter in The Guardian. 2 tickets were offered in a competition and the prize winners and other readers joined us, with quite a few deciding to join us inside The Sparkle Zone.

sept glamour mag

GLAMOUR Magazine

I contributed to GLAMOUR Magazine’s article on confrontation and why, particularly at work, you must face up to tricky situations and people. Not necessarily ‘facing them down’ but definitely have your say and address what’s going on and how you feel.

There’s a way of telling people how you feel and adding suggestions without breaking the relationship. Exact words to use, avoid and plenty of mindset pieces on why you must stand your ground and speak up. Read the article here.

style cover

GLAMOUR Magazine

As a contributing expert to the article “The Nice Girl’s Guide to Playing Hardball” read my top “tough girl techniques” and 7 tips to overcome being overlooked, including exact words and phrases. Download a printable PDF of this article.

style cover

Dress for Success

Dress for Success is a worldwide charity and their London branch invited me to contribute two articles to the 2nd issue (pages 9 & 13) of their online magazine The Style File. The intention of the charity is to support women on low incomes get back to work by dressing them in a complete outfit of smart clothes to wear to their interview and by giving them confidence and strategy with one-to-one interview training.

The magazine is full of useful tips and insights on how to show up in business and, as most of you reading this are experienced business women (and a few super-smart men), I know you’ll particularly get the message from Liz Mellon in paragraph 2 of her interview on page 18. Have a look and see what you think!

business east

Business East

Read the article “Do you have trouble saying no?” as I share a few secrets on how and why to say no effectively, respectfully and assertively (often without actually saying it).

Places & Faces

Places & Faces

I was interviewed at length by Anne Gould journalist and editor at The article “Making Words Work” concentrates both on why women so often sabotage their success at work and then how to discover – and position – your value at work so you’re noticed, recognised and rewarded. Download a printable PDF of this article.

Vanilla Magazine

Read my article “Stand up and be heard” in the Women in Business Special in Vanilla Magazine.

Download a printable PDF of this article.