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In under 20 minutes per episode, each week learn ways to communicate more effectively as you make – and keep making – your savvy, strategic moves at work. (Bonus: the tips work just as well at home too!)


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Sharon Agates

“I listened to the podcasts this morning as I was writing emails. They definitely inspired me to communicate repeating my client’s name for a deeper connection. As always Kay your expertise is priceless! Thank you – keep them coming!”



“These podcasts are nuggets of wisdom, give them a try! Beautifully presented and just the right length.”



“Even from a male perspective Kay’s podcasts match the excellence of her live presentations – everyone should take the time to listen and learn. Well done!!.”


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How the Devil is in your detail. Preparation and planning for success sets you up for exactly that success [...]

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Be Proactive and plan for success right out of the gate.

Don't [...]

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Make it easier to achieve what you want. How to make 2020 the year you make things happen because you make a contract with yourself [...]
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Understand where you are in the cycle of perceived success. It may be you’re assuming you’re behind, lackin [...]

Clear out your emotional clutter and make room in your life. By making room for who really matters to you, by assessing if or how your rela [...]

When life throws you lemons, how to make the best of things and seek the ‘lemonade’ lessons. How to think about and respond to the ‘s [...]
Why following up is so important and why we have such resistance to it. Tips on what to say; how to approach follow-up so you’re never pu [...]

Free yourself to do your most valuable work and empower others at the same time. Strategies and mindsets to ensure you don’t try to do it [...]

It’s underestimated and strategic. Give yourself - and everyone else - time to think and do it with inten [...]

7 words to raise your game and visibility at work. Take opportunities when they present themselves - and trust yourself. [...]
Avoid confusing matters by focussing on what you don’t want. Take the straightforward route to get what you want. [...]

Avoid leaving them grappling for what you really mean. Avoid corporate gobbledygook and say what you mean. [...]
Do you show up when you’re trying to be heard? Do you make the most of being ‘out there’ so you show up on the radar? [...]

How to manage your time and energy by what you do. People get what you’re doing without you saying anything at all. [...]
Find out a simple method to help you move forward. When something’s stopping you, the first thing to do is give it a name by using a simp [...]

Be comfortable, confident and effective. How and why it’s easier to do this by thinking differently and then taking inspired action. [...]
Being clear and assertive about what you will and won’t do helps everyone. Say it in a respectful, clear and confident way so people know [...]

Be comfortable and savvy in ‘the Gap. Allow yourself to find things out rather than feel lacking – be a learner rather than a know all. [...]
Be kind and clear with your response. Share the responsibility and maintain your dignity and composure when you receive an unexpected (and [...]

Review of the most listened to podcasts. Refresh and remind yourself strategies to interact more effectively at work. [...]
A twist on making Resolutions. Make more compelling decisions for what you want in 2016. [...]

Be informative and authentic (never creepy!). It’s important to give compliments and use my 3 step structure to make this natural for you [...]
Handling rude comments and keeping your cool. Why it’s so important to bite your tongue and consider your response. [...]

Sometimes you need to just walk away. Give yourself a break, change your scenery and inspire yourself at work. [...]
How uncertainty is the new certainty. The only way to navigate your way with uncertainty is to embrace it and go with it. [...]

Do you show up when you’re trying to be heard? Make sure people know you and remember you so they can find you. [...]
Remember you speak when you’re silent. Think about how you put yourself across, it all counts at work. [...]

Grab people by the eyeballs! Think about and plan your emails so people want to open them. [...]
It’s the only thing you can rely on. Change. Make the most of change when it happens, and it always does. [...]

It’s easy to underestimate what you’re worth. These 5 words starting with the letter P will help you position your value. [...]
A small word which makes a big impact in your question. It’s very easy to shut people down by using this word so use another one instead. [...]

Mind your angle of approaching things.  Depending on how you approach challenges, this could make things easier for you. [...]
A quick and easy question to get to the point. Something which helps both you and others save precious time and energy. [...]

Take yourself away from overthinking something. Sometimes you get unblocked by doing something completely different instead. [...]
Let people arrive at their own conclusions. It’s more effective for people to make their own decisions than be told by you what to do. [...]

Get to the heart of what’s going on. Use a key question which will surprise people and stop confusion. [...]
Be assertive and respectful as you announce yourself. Why the small things are really very BIG things. [...]

Help people to want to listen to you. Say more of what people need to hear (not just what you want to say). [...]
Leave a lasting impression. Understand how to leave the impression that you want. [...]

Pay more attention when people speak. Mindsets and steps to help you listen between the lines. [...]
Think of how you’re being received. Give people what they need even when you’re not in the office. [...]

There’s always a comeback for you.  Ways to move through a ‘No’ and get yourself to the Yes you’re after. [...]
Give yourself time to think. By slowing things down you ironically save time and often money too. [...]

Connect and build relationships. How and why it’s so important to be known and be personal. [...]
Who's giving you advice and does it suit you? Be more mindful of those around you who offer their opinions.  It's just that - theirs.  W [...]

Sow seeds when you name what you’re offering. Give an engaging, interesting and different slant on titling your talks, invitations, oppor [...]
How to keep moving and maximize connections socially and professionally. Avoiding getting stuck in conversations when you’re ready to mov [...]

You probably are too close to see your special gifts or talents. Discover how to see what you’re good at more clearly. [...]
Toot your own horn. Be comfortable and natural talking about your achievements. [...]

Be less starchy. Connect with your writing. [...]
Take things less personally. It’s not all personal, a lot of it’s a game. [...]

Use a simple, tested model to deliver your point without losing people’s attention. [...]
Give your opinion, strategically. How to deliver feedback so people really hear you. [...]

How your words are like accessories to enhance your message. Find out which words work and why and how and when to use them. [...]
Small, strategic investments count. Change the look and feel the difference with these simple ideas. [...]

Make your needs important. How to please yourself and manage people’s expectations. [...]
Conserve energy and focus. Understand where to best invest your time and energy. [...]

Build relationships using respect. Keep conversations flowing and people open to you at work (and at home).   [...]
Go there first to accelerate your results. Be open to HOW you can help people (not if) and notice what happens. [...]

How to share without over-sharing. Stay open to sharing both your credibility with you vulnerability to accelerate and deepen connection. [...]
Why it’s so key to make the first move. Keeping in touch is much more a part of your success than you might think.  It’s visibility mi [...]

Clear, concise explanations work. Tell people what you mean. Help people to help you by giving them another way of thinking about what you'r [...]

Your special gift is what makes you who you are.


Stop needing to be liked by everyone. Being respected and being respectful is easier and more attainable at work. [...]
Give people enough info but not too much. The power of delivering information in a 3-formation is key to being engaging. [...]

Make the most of your shop window at work. Understand how to position yourself with every email you send, and why you must. [...]
Get quicker, more positive responses to your emails. Smarter, more personalised emails make for easier YES responses to your requests. [...]

This small word is huge. Understand how you can disconnect or upset someone by mis-using the word but and what to say instead. [...]
Why it’s so important you vary your tone. Be aware of the effect your tone has on you AND your listeners at work (and home). [...]

A twist on making Resolutions. Make more compelling decisions for what you want in 2015. [...]
Review of the most listened to podcasts. Refresh and remind yourself strategies to interact more effectively at work. [...]

Books I’ve read to recommend to you. The message and teachings stayed with me long after I’d finished the book which is one of my defini [...]
How to zip-it at home and at work (and give yourself time to breathe). [...]

Use language which people actually hear. Description: Simplify your language and help people to help you at work by using pillow talk! [...]
Follow the 8 strategies used by Olympians to run your own 'personal best' at work, rather than let them throw you off your game! [...]

Be more open and still be assertive as you respond. Use other words instead of ‘No’ which keep the connection and your boundaries at the [...]
Be more influential and measured as you hear and respond. Simple ways to boost your listening skills so you get more of what you want AND sa [...]

So much more than gratitude. Understand how to use the power of these two words to change your outcome. [...]
How to retain ownership of your ideas. Own your ideas and input and avoid the idea thieves! [...]

Be and feel more dynamic at work (and understand why). Understand the difference strong posture makes to how people treat you and respond [...]
How and why to delegate (not if) and understand the way to do it comfortably - even Batman had Robin. You can’t do it all by yourself - an [...]

Understand and use the power in the word ‘attitude’ and how it affects your results at work. [...]
Say what you mean quickly and easily without upsetting people or going off track. [...]

How to stay strong in your decisions and open to what happens next. [...]
Sound more confident by pacing how you speak. [...]

Take a breath and understand the myriad of benefits to you and your listener as you communicate. [...]
Avoid putting people on the defensive unnecessarily, understand why and what to say instead.   [...]

The power of the questions you ask and why.  How people respond to you is directly related to the quality of the questions you ask. [...]
Avoid rambling with too much detail. You lose people’s attention and the power of the point you are trying to make. [...]

Assert yourself at work. Be more of an assertive woman than a nice schoolgirl! [...]
Be clear and compelling when you ask. Ask for what you want in a way which makes it easy to say yes to you. [...]

Be gracious and accept compliments. Allow people to praise or admire you and your work. [...]
The 5Ps to position your value at work. Stop focusing on your ‘To Do’ list and focus on the wider implications of what ‘what you do’ [...]

Use language which tells people you expect opportunities to be yours. Stop watching others get the opportunities you know you’re ready for [...]
Dare yourself to say YES and let go. Be more open to knowing enough but not everything – I dare you! [...]

Seize opportunities as they present themselves. Naturally take the first step as you allow yourself to step up for opportunities. [...]
No more getting stuck to the spot when you want to move on. Find out the key phrase to use which naturally tells the other person/s you’re [...]

Be more confident and naturally assertive as you join conversations, everywhere. Not only at work but socially, learn how to jump into conve [...]
Only apologise when you really mean it – not for something to say. So many women have the ‘sorry’ default and it seeps your power. Fin [...]

Use people’s names more so you comfortably and confidently connect with people. Learn how to weave people’s names into your conversation [...]
Be noticed and remembered at work. If you’re not on the radar, if people don’t know you or remember you then you’ll always be working [...]

Introduction to the Show Up; Sparkle & Be Heard Podcast Show. Hear me share why communicating more effectively and influentially at work is [...]

"I loved the podcast with Kay telling us to stop saying sorry! I do it all the time without realising, so now that I’ve heard the underlying reasons why I do it, I’m making a concerted effort to stop. Hooray for Kay! I will certainly be listening to her other podcasts. I definitely got a lot out of this one."

—imadoormat << not anymore!


"Fabulous! I've heard Kay speak live before and have used what she shared then time and again. I'm certainly a much more confident 'me' at work as a result. Now I have instant access to her insights, in bite sized chunks, and I fully intend to listen every week."



"A must listen-to for anyone out there feeling undervalued, under rewarded and under recognised. Kay’s wise words provide the power, motivation and confidence to step forward, be who you truly want to be and be better valued and rewarded for doing so!"