QS TopExecutive for Executive MBAs

Private interview with Dawn Bournand, Editor, Executive MBA magazine for Article in Spring/Summer edition, 2013


International Women’s Day
(10 mins)

Hear Kay being interviewed by BBC radio show host Mark Murphy. The 10 minute interview on International Women’s Day is all about women in business speaking up, asking for what they want and being heard.


How to Politely Move On From People When You’re Ready
(56 mins)

Interviewed by Tammi Balizewski PhD, hear my savvy tips to politely dis-engage from people when you’re ready (and they’re not!) plus find out the number 1 word people always want to hear (and never get tired of hearing)


How to Develop Effective & Powerful Communication Podcast
(42 mins)

Maximise Potential – became the number 1 career downloaded Podcast on iTunes when released in 2010. In Episode 14, hear my interview with the Editor and learn 3 words to avoid and why if you want to connect with people easily, understand how to develop your personal brand and discover an opportunity for you if it’s a fit for you!


How to Toot Your Own Horn (Without Blowing Your Own Trumpet!) Podcast
(58 mins)

Making sure people understand your capabilities and achievements without being a show off. How to make your networking more comfortable and fruitful so you want to do it!


Interviews – Remember, They’re a Conversation You’re Having
(29 mins)

Hear me being interviewed – about being interviewed – by Dr Jill Greenbaum on her popular radio show College Bound & Determined. Jill supports teens to find and secure a place at the college that’s the right fit for them and we discussed tips and powerful ideas about how think about and prepare for an interview. As applicable to ambitious professionals as to teens going to college. Find out about a great gift you can go and get too.