Career Moves Mentor

As your personal career moves mentor, I encourage you to be strategic, tactical AND honest with yourself.

Working with career women who often find themselves stuck, frustrated, bored, or all 3, I’m there to hold the space for you to e-x-p-a-n-d into a bigger, more successful, sparklier version of yourself.

I’m on your side and in your corner when you’ve forgotten why you’re doing all the pushing and pulling day-to-day. I work with a select number of clients on a one-to-one basis and it’s an intense experience designed to quickly accelerate your focus and progress.

Depending where you are in the world and how it works best for you, we work together over the phone/Skype, or you can schedule a time to meet with me in the UK.

Professional Mentor

Private Mentoring

Private Mentoring

You don’t have to know it all or do it all by yourself.

If we decide to work privately together, I support you and show you how to find and bring forward your own unique skills, strengths and gifts. Skills you probably don’t value yourself or don’t really know you have. You naturally just use them but don’t know how to express them. Or how to be rewarded for them. Really rewarded for them – with income and opportunity.

Private professional mentoring is a true investment in yourself which, if you really want to accelerate your progress at work, will reap fast return on investment for you and your future career ambitions.

Oh, and also, working with me is said to be inspiring and fun!

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Private Professional Mentoring is ‘By Application’ only. We both decide if or how we believe we’re a fit to work together. You can apply here to have a conversation with me or one of my team and we can go from there.



Samar Pratt

“I worked privately with Kay and quickly saw real, tangible results in both my professional and personal performance. First pay review and bonus in 2 years shortly after Kay and I started working together. I know it’s because of how I now think and communicate which is really a key to success and being the best you can be. Because of all this I recently attracted an amazing new job opportunity which I said “Yes” to.”


Private VIP Accelerator Days

Private VIP Accelerator Days

We meet live in person, close to London, or virtually on Skype. This is for you if you have a real urgency and want to ‘hit the ground running’ together with me. For example, we can craft a speech or key presentation for you. Or prepare you for interview and follow up. We can plan out your appraisals and promotion path and/or update your CV and Personal Statement. All these highly sensitive and personal tasks we do together, privately.

Investment includes 45-minute follow up call within 4 weeks following our VIP Day.



“My approaches to the Sales Team were falling flat and I found it hard to get reactions and responses from them to include me in sales discussions and consider me as part of the core Sales Team. Before working with Kay I was at the point of frustration and it was affecting my confidence.

Kay quickly showed me how to hook and keep attention when I engaged with the Sales Team over email and when I present at Sales Meetings. I use her Email and Phone systems daily and really enjoy following the steps which make communicating much more clear, sensible and from the heart.

It's SO much easier to get people's attention and get them into action for me. I'm noticing how I'm included in discussions, invited to meetings and people are coming to me to help them craft their emails too. I recommend you follow Kay's savvy, smart suggestions for your day-to-day challenges”


The VIP Golden Circle

The VIP Golden Circle

The VIP Golden Circle is for the experienced business woman looking for the perfect combination of focused business and career strategy, accountability and peer support.

A 12-month membership of the VIP Golden Circle will bring you accountability, strategy, tactical accelerated move-making and a real sense of community, all joined together in the spirit of sparkle, style and true personal growth. A combination of 3 group calls a month plus 2, live and in-person 2-day VIP Retreats together, accelerates your success, gives you clarity and certainty and makes things happen for you like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

How often do you see that go by in a Corporate Training Manual? Rarely. If ever. I know because, at one point, I was looking too. This isn’t for everyone. It’s intense and it’s intentional. If you want to present, position and express the value of what you do and then be handsomely rewarded for it, you need to step up and out with certainty. Within our VIP group, you’re taking a stand for yourself and for each other.

With the relationships, sharing, trust and insights which quickly build inside the VIP Golden Circle, you don’t have to do it by yourself, you lean into and have regular input and support from me and from the group. Stay accountable, focussed, supported and plugged into it all for a year. So much unfolds for you – if you’re ready to take that leap of faith in yourself.

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“Before I joined the VIP Golden Circle, I knew where I wanted to go, but I was scared to venture out of my comfort zone.

While I was at Kay's 2014 Event, "Show up, Sparkle, and Be Heard”, I met several women and their experiences resonated with me. It was in that moment that I knew I was ready to really show up and own my value. I was ready to join the VIP Golden Circle.

Being a member of the Circle is simply amazing. My fellow members are extremely encouraging and supportive, cheering me all the way when I make my moves and I can tap into a support network 24/7. What's surprising is that we all have similar fears and concerns though we are on very different career paths. The strength of the Circle is the close-knit group of career women, providing support and constructive challenge and all led with care and experience by Kay and her team.

Since joining the VIP Golden Circle, I have become a Non-Executive Director, because I dared to step out. I'm also working in sectors which, previously, I have thought myself ineligible to work in. It’s all about having the confidence and the tools with which to be impactful in your career and to trust yourself as you make assertive moves in your life.

My message to anyone considering joining Kay’s VIP Golden Circle is simply “This amazing mentorship group is a supportive and challenging circle, enabling you to power up the career you truly deserve and have a lot of fun and strategy at the same time.”

—D.L. Senior Finance Executive, UK

The Sparkle Zone

The Sparkle Zone

The Sparkle Zone is an online and on-the-phone group coaching space for ambitious, professional women.

Being a member of the Sparkle Zone is a way for you to stay plugged in to influential communication, strategic, considered move-making without the same level of investment and acceleration which comes from being in the VIP Golden Circle. A 12-month membership combines monthly calls with a private forum for input, guidance, sharing and planning.

Each month our calls focus on a ‘hot button’ subject which includes exact ‘how-to’ guidance and live, in the moment, coaching. It’s become a safe and trusted space to share, learn, connect and be inspired and, of course, to make more income and attract more opportunity.



For me, The Sparkle Zone is a place to come for inspiration, guidance, strategy and support. It's a place where I feel safe to share experiences and ideas with women who only want the best for me! I've recently attracted a new opportunity and Kay and the women in the "Zone" provided me with the support I needed to go for the preliminary interview. I'm not sure I would have had the confidence to go ahead and do that alone. Knowing you have a support network to fall back on makes a huge difference. I've also found it helpful learning from the other women in The Sparkle Zone and sharing in their experiences and day-to-day career developments. It really is win/win!"


To find out whether working more closely with me is a fit for you, drop me a line or leave me a message here. We can take a look at if or how we both want to work together and the best level of investment for you.
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