So Obvious

Looking through the window, with 10 minutes of the class to go, I told myself “Oh how I’d love to be in there doing that“.  I was watching an old-school Aerobics class led by Pete.  

Thumping dance music, shouting and a room full of women (and men) moving in synchronicity all around the room.

I’d just never be able to do that I helpfully told myself.  Have you said that same thing  when you’ve seen someone doing something you’d love to do… Heyho.  I just waiting until it was finished and went in to do the more sober Step Class!

But.  One week, something changed.

Instead of thinking “Oh how I’d love to be in there doing that” I said it out aloud whilst looking through the window.  

Another woman said “Ha, you should see them at the start…it’s like a number of fairy elephants – watch the whole thing if you can from start to now next week…”

So, I did and we both know what’s coming.  

Pete built up the steps, the moves, the instructions segment by segment.  As I watched I knew I could do that, add that, then do that, struggle with that etc etc…

So, I went to the class the next week .

Suffice to say, over a few weeks, I went from fairy elephant at the back to be up the front nearer Pete.  I saw the women looking through the window at us.  

How many things can we miss out on, never try, assume we’re ‘crap’ at because we don’t allow it to be broken down for us?

I look at my own path as you can yours  – you have to start somewhere and build from there.  Derrrr – we know this but as we get older, we forget.  

We’re afraid of looking or being silly when, in fact, we’re just in the learning cycle.  Again.  And again…

During our 2-day Online Retreat last week, I arranged for my precious Mastermind clients to have an experience with The Paint Club.  

We all would paint together with our own private tutor and paints and Prosecco were dispatched by the company, canvas and brushes too.

A number of us (me included ) were a bit hesitant (one client was ‘sort of dreading it‘) and – like magic – we all created our version of a Wise Old Owl.  

Step by step.  Shown what to draw first. What to think about first.  Then what and so on…

  • What could you be assuming “I’ll never be able to do that“?
  • How could you try or start or test yourself?
  • What would you start if you knew you’d love it?
  • What would you say to someone who asked you about starting something they thought they couldn’t do?

Oh and I’ve now bought 6 more canvasses.  Why stop!? 

Everyone one you look at started somewhere.  Every company had to grow, build, be formed.  Every colleague who seems to have their schtick down, didn’t start fully-formed.  They built up their experience and wisdom, segment by segment.  

Go on.  I dare you…

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