Group Mentoring

The dynamics and benefits of working with groups is multi-layered.

Some women prefer to work as part of a group and I understand that. There’s the sharing and relationship-building at the same time as the trust, which quickly builds up. I always say “You teach as you share” which is so true.

In group mentoring sessions, clients teach each other and learn from and with each other. I feel honoured to hold the space and lead – and then let go – with groups such as The VIP Golden Circle and The Sparkle Zone.


Group Mentoring

Vicky J. was at a cross-roads in her career, unsure whether to step up and go for a promotion.

“Since being part of Kay’s mentorship, I’ve been working in a more methodical way, thinking about how and where I can take ‘ownership’ of things along the way with some really pleasing – and often surprising – results from colleagues.  Quick responses, more people saying “yes” first time and people notice how much more assertive I am.

On a personal level, I’ve decided to take some ‘ownership’ to improving my personal fitness and I’ve started running again (after a ten year gap) I’m now doing 12 miles a week and feeling so much better!   Thank you, Kay for making me recognise where I needed to push myself more and the subtle ways I can now use to influence what goes on around me!”

—Vicky J.

Adrianna H. is a Project Manager in a global energy company. She participated in my small group mentorship ‘Present & Express Your Best, Most Valuable Self in Business’ as she was struggling to be recognised and rewarded at work:

"Kay really delivers on what it says on the tin! Her ability to assimilate information about people and almost provide a diagnostic within one call is truly phenomenal.

There are three R's that I would use to describe the content of our mentorship alone:

Relevant Always current and cutting edge, Kay incorporates up to date examples, references, people and thought leadership to help build immediate understanding to her concepts.

Rich Her style is absolute class, and her ability to pierce through the surface of her cohorts was at times quite scary. Kay provided some in depth food for thought, asking us to question and confront some of (mine at least) the deepest fears I have carried with me since I started my career. I truly feel transformed without them and it shows in my results day-to-day.

Resonate Time and time again, Kay's words pop into my mind when I need them. It's like I have been hypnotised into believing in my own superpowers now - thank you!"

—Adrianna H., Project Manager, global energy company.

Beth Gillespie

“I was struggling with this as I don't like to feel rejected myself. Using what Kay shares and avoiding saying ‘No’ upfront makes a real difference. We get things done more efficiently and with a quicker turnaround time for our clients, leading to happy clients.

Kay helps you tweak areas in your communication style that immediately make a profound difference in your business and personal interactions. She really does make it easier for you to be understood and delivers her information with helpful ‘real life’ examples and with a sense of humour.

Overall, what Kay teaches you strengthens relationships with clients and friends.”


Barb Cotta

“I was so excited when I saw what your free call was offering. The same night as your call, I had a meeting which I knew had the potential to turn into a crisis. Using the tips you shared in your call and following your 7 steps to RESPECT, I put my plan together. I bought Package 3 from your new product and printed off the transcripts so I could quickly scan them. Thank you Kay White. Not only did you help me prepare so I was confident as I went to my meeting, when I was there I was professional, held my calm and remained neutral as I said my bit, which was exactly what I wanted. ”

This information will make a huge difference in my life, every single day. As Kay would say “Brilliant!”

—Barb Cotta,

Irena O’Brien PhD

“Normally, I’m shy and hold myself back and before I started working with Kay and the group, I felt awkward at starting conversations and uncomfortable in social situations. I knew it was stopping me from accomplishing what I want in my business. Coming from an academic background, I didn’t put much attention on the impression I made with my physical appearance either.

After just a few sessions with Kay as part of one of her small group mentorships, I learned how to confidently start conversations, and became more comfortable at social events. Also, how to set a clear intention ahead of time about how I wanted the event to go and rather than dread them, I’m thrilled that I even enjoy them now!

Crafting emails people read and respond to are easier to write thanks to Kay’s formula and, I’ve started to add some sparkle to my wardrobe too. Being around Kay, it’s hard not to! I really noticed a difference in how people positively respond to me now.”

—Irena O’Brien PhD of

Jeanne Malnati
Jeanne Malnati is partner in a large restaurant chain based in Chicago - Lou Malnati's Pizzeria and also has her own business Clean Slate Communication. Jeanne is part of my virtual mentorship, Be Visible, Be Heard, Be Understood and Rewarded as You Work.

“Loved the last class about emails. I will listen to that recording several times, I am sure. So rich with good, practical tips. Thank you.

I used your strategy in writing a recent email to a busy colleague who I wanted a quick response from. In our last call you stressed the importance of what is put in the Subject heading. Per your brilliant suggestion I just wrote: “When?” Followed by a concise, and compelling email, requesting her help and a phone conversation with her. She’s a busy successful author and businesswoman. She responded to my request/email right away!! And we were on the phone that same day - this stuff works.”


Jill Anderson

“As soon as I saw Kay’s offer, Savvy & Influential Communication Secrets, I knew it was what I needed. Before I joined Kay's teleseries I felt like I was not very personal in my communication, I struggled knowing what to say to people to connect with them. It was holding me back.

What I’ve learned being part of Kay's teleseries is how to better connect with people by letting my personality show and how to do this naturally and comfortably and also by really listening to what others have to say. I’ve learned loads like - how to word emails so I can resonate better with my clients, how to ask powerful questions which get people moving and I’m also setting boundaries which has definitely surprised a few people. I’m managing my own priorities and other people’s more confidently now. I’m able to do this in an assertive way but still be respectful. After taking on some of the techniques and using the models Kay teaches, it feels very natural too.

So now I'm able to feel more comfortable in both professional and social settings and have more meaningful and ‘savvy’ chats with people. It really feels as if my communication is easy and flowing - it doesn’t have to be difficult, Kay shows you how to make it easy – Yay, Kay!"

—Jill Anderson, Senior Designer at

Jane Ellis
Jane Ellis of Jane is a Relationship Expert and Mentor who helps her clients "sort out the stuff" in their relationships.

“I’d completed many courses and still felt unclear about the direction I wanted to take my business. Working with Kay through her “Savvy & Influential Communication Secrets” teleseries I learned so much about how to attract and connect with people more easily and I truly felt drawn to Kay and her warm and creative coaching style. I decided then to work with Kay as one of her VIP clients and I now feel clear about what I do and how I do it! I’ve achieved a huge amount in a short space of time – I have a renewed passion for my work and, as a result of the clarity I now have and the way I can articulate it, I’ve recently been featured as an expert in the popular high-circulation UK magazine Top Santé.

Instead of treading water and making little or no progress, Kay and I work with my strengths and have built on what I was already doing but just wasn’t noticing! Kay tells you what she notices in a way that empowers you and gives you more confidence in yourself – she’s motivating and supportive with a great sense of humour and knows her stuff! Kay’s encouraged me to start writing and I now have a blog called “Jane’s Gems” and have a back-catalogue of articles which I’m building on via social media.”

—Jane Ellis,

Karin Volo
Based in Sweden, Karin Volo is CEO of and author of ‘Engage!'

“I was frustrated with my writing and I was having disagreements too often with those close to me which all seemed based in not understanding each other.  Kay’s tips and tools from her new book are very easy to implement and I use them every day now.

If you’re looking to improve your relationships both professionally and personally, communication is the place to begin.  I love Kay’s style because she’s so clear, so confident but also in a manner that makes you feel she’s there to support you in any way she can.  She easily sees humour in situations and helps you to relax into any conversation—even by email.  Definitely a talent I admire.”

—Karin Volo, CEO,

Kathy Stover

“You've sparked me up Kay, people have said I make them motivated to want to do the same.  The private “Show Up and Sparkle LIVE Together” session we had has been the most helpful, fun and delicious thing I've done for myself personally and professionally for simply ages.  Thanks Kay.

Being more conscious of my phraseology has also up-leveled how I present and express myself now. And I must say when I was on stage recently, I felt really comfortable showing up as me.  I know I came across more assertively and in a way that engaged the audience.   The amount of people who approached me and wanted to work with me afterwards told me that.

If you want to up-level the way you express yourself, you need to work."

—Kathy Stover, Social Media Marketing Strategist,

Peggy Murrah
“Kay gets right to the heart of the matter.”

We often struggle telling our clients 'No' and in a way that they feel heard but at the same time letting them know we are standing our ground. Kay gets right to the heart of the matter in a clear, informative and engaging way.

When I heard Kay say that she teaches people how to be savvy communicators I knew that at a gut level that this is exactly what I need – I told her “Holy crap I need that”.

Kay has a great response for every kind of situation and I'm now am able to be more concise and direct, confident and kind.”

—Peggy Murrah, OnLine Business Manager,

Robbie Kramer
Robbie Kramer of who is both a client and a colleague, based in Los Angeles.  Despite being a guru for men who want to develop confidence around women, Robbie was struggling himself with being able to say ‘No’ in his own successful business.  Robbie sent us this feedback after my free call 'Do You Have Trouble Saying No?'

"Before I heard your call I found I was always over-extending myself by double booking, promising things I couldn't deliver on and having to cancel on people because I would say "Yes" to just about everything…even though I really wanted to say "No." I just didn't know how to say it without being rude or feeling guilty.

As I listened to your call I realised how saying "No" actually serves all parties involved much more and just how important it is. By saying "No" to something, it allows you to say "Yes" to something you really want. Something this simple can have a profound effect on your life, it certainly has on mine and it's really freed me up to confidently move towards the things I want in life and away from the things that aren't a good fit. Thanks Kay!"

—Robbie Kramer,

Dr. Sarah Farrant

“I’ve found Kay’s communication style to be savvy, insightful and modern. I speak about health around the world and working with Kay’s been exceptionally helpful enabling me to connect to people outside of my familiar audience.

Kay certainly has shown me how to get what I want by teaching me to momentarily pause in conversation and choose my next word wisely. Thank you Kay for your insights; you certainly have a way with words!”

—Dr. Sarah Farrant,

Some clients chose to keep their names/company confidential which I know you’ll respect, as do I. I truly appreciate them sharing their story and experience to show you what’s possible.

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