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Hosting Events for women and attending many since 2010 I’ve learned how to – and how not to – create an environment where attendees feel safe to share, learn and feel inspired and confident to implement what they learn. I’ve also learned women want to stay connected and plugged in both to the content and each other. It’s key and is so often underestimated in the corporate world.

Delivering content means nothing if you don’t put importance on connection and relevance to the audience. That’s why I choose interesting venues, why I add sparkle and pzazz to the experience and why so many women come back again and again. It’s more an experience and opportunity to unfold and stretch yourself, in a safe, welcoming place.


Kay White speaking on stage in gold dress

Helena attended the 2013 Live Event having only recently met me when I spoke at her Law Firm.

“I love the fact the Event focus is on communication in a number of forms; not just the spoken, but the impression one gives as a whole. I took so much away from this event. What Kay shared with her strategies and stories gave me loads more confidence to put my point across in meetings, say ‘Yes’ before I was ready, understand my worth and I’ve even given 3 client presentations (something I really used to struggle with or avoid completely).

The fact that Kay encourages women to be women and not to deny our “sparkly” side is also a major bonus – I learned why you MUST bring yourself to your work and how to stand strong in who and how you are. Recently I had the best appraisal I could have hoped for.

I’m still in contact with a lot of the women who attended last year and we’ve all seen massive changes and developments in our lives thanks to what we learnt.

Too many events take on the ‘grey corporate image’ but it’s so refreshing – and vital – to have the opportunity to attend a much more “colourful” event which is no less professional for it. The amazing combination of learning about personal power, strategy and sparkle from Kay and her speakers is a unique and winning formula for your career.”

—Helena, Financial Services Lawyer, London & member of the sparkle zone

Sharon Agates

"I'd experienced Kay at a talk and I was just really inspired by what she said but more than that, I wanted a bit of Kay, I wanted to, not be like her, but I wanted something of what she was giving, a bit of her twinkle dust.  Around money has been a big ah-ha moment for me; looking at my poverish attitude towards it.  That's been a really big ah-ha moment.  And on the flip side of that, really grounded in actually knowing that what I do is really valued and needed and deepened my belief in my skillsets and my talents.

Kay’s been amazing.  She has laid on a spread, a banquet for queens both in the content and the surroundings; it's been really luxurious.  Everything has been thought of, like all the little finishing touches and it's been really nurturing and nourishing and - at the same time hugely valuable for my business.  The women here have shared so much and we’ve all learned from and with each other.  If you’re thinking of coming to this Event any time in the future, jump in and join in.  So much will come from it for you!"

—Sharon Agates,, Whispers of the Heart

"I'm so thrilled to have a new job & am really looking forward to a fresh start."

"I prepared for my interview immediately following Kay's 2014 Event. 3 days later in fact. Using techniques and exercises we learned at the event I was able to confidently demonstrate the value I could bring to a new job & I used this in my interview. I was slightly anxious beforehand but was determined to enjoy the day & shine. A couple of times I felt a wobble but got myself back on track!

I was offered the role and appointed the same day. I'm so thrilled to have a new job and am really looking forward to a fresh start.

If you know you're looking for a boost in confidence, earnings and opportunity, I encourage you to join the wonderful group of women Kay attracts and be there in March 2015. There's nothing like this for experienced, corporate women who know they're ready to step up"

—Karen C., School Business Manager, UK Secondary School, and attended Show Up; Sparkle & Be Heard LIVE in March 2014

Hannah P

“I wanted to learn how to approach a profession known for ‘Dark Suits’ and build a reputation on being ‘sparkly’ and a bit different, whilst still gaining respect."

"I was moving jobs and thought it the Event was a good opportunity to have some ‘me time’ to think about how I wanted to shape my new role and I went with an open mind.

I learnt so much! Everything from the importance of ‘driving your own bus’ in your career to how to justify your reassuringly expensive charges – and even how to comfortably pose for photos! It was amazing to speak to so many interesting and inspiring women and everyone instantly felt like old friends.

You’ll be amazed by how much you’ll learn, how much confidence it will give you to go for what you want in your career – and just how much fun the Show Up; Sparkle & Be Heard Event is!”

—Hannah P. UK Family Lawyer and Live Event participant

Ruby C
"It’s been a life-changing weekend for me"

"I wanted a different take on things and to change my attitude – I wanted some inspiration in my career which was missing. The whole experience has been fantastic – so much attention to detail, everyone very welcoming, friendly, open and I’m amazed I’ve got up and danced. I just don’t normally do that kind of thing and I did it because I really wanted to.

The range of speakers was amazing – from powerful business women to spiritual teachers, quite extraordinary. I’ve learned such powerful lessons – having been a bit of a corporate clone I’ve learned that it’s OK to be yourself, in fact it’s crucial! I’m already much more confident about the moves I’m going to make and understand and leverage my true value.

Kay has incredible energy and warmth and you immediately want to learn from her and I feel inspired to follow her example. I’ve got so much out of these 3 days, it feels like a week – it’s been a life-changing weekend for me. Don’t hold back if you’re thinking you should be here if she hosts this event again."

—Ruby C., Practice Manager, Major UK IT Services Co., Show Up; Sparkle & Be Heard Live Participant

Samar Pratt

“I was intrigued by the title of the event! The idea of having access to all the like-minded professional women Kay attracts really motivated me to come. I didn’t want it to end!

I’ve learned so much about myself both from Kay and what she shares and from the generous sharing of other women in the audience. I would never have got access to the sorts of things I’ve learned if I hadn’t had the sense to come here.

I know I’m richer as a result of being here. I’ve opened up to how I can do things differently to realise my potential, be a better person, earn more money and really be much happier in myself.

Kay’s so thoughtful and has a way of understanding what you need before you do and she’s very warm, real and really, really great fun! Be open – what have you got to lose? For a small investment you can get huge access to ways to be truly extraordinary – learn from Kay.

—Samar Pratt, Director, major global bank
Samar attended Show Up; Sparkle & Be Heard LIVE in 2013 and fairly soon after, attracted a new role and is so thrilled. She had to miss attending the 2014 Event but she was in New York meeting her new colleagues! SO proud of her.

P. Channa

"I actually first heard about Kay through my company and what brought me along here was, at first to be honest with you, the title. It appealed to me because of where I am currently in my career and so I decided to show up.

Coming to this event and being in a room full of like-minded intelligent women in a non-competitive environment where everybody is open to share their experiences, you would want to share your experiences with them. I think you owe yourself and each other the chance to be able to learn and then take that forward. Kay’s generous and clear in her sharing, strategies and commitment for you to be a more successful, valuable and sparkly version of yourself at work.

So much has happened for me over this event and my main ah-ha moment was being able to articulate my value, my real professional value and now I can already think about some of the personal things that are going on with me as well and linking them; so taking this time and joining the dots has been really, really valuable for me."

—P.Channa, Senior Executive, Global Bank, London


"I learned the importance of structuring your ask - from the day-to-day requests, to the big ticket asks - and knowing if you get a "no" that doesn't have to thwart your progress in getting what you want.”

"The model will be useful for all types of situations. It was useful being able to think about and articulate what you might need help with and then consider how you ask.”

"The practical nature of the advice and tools to use. Very often business performance advice doesn't make it from the page into practice. But Kay articulated and demonstrated clear understandable techniques that build confidence but also allow you to think further about getting a yes answer. As someone who does not usually attend this type of session it was comforting to find other women facing often similar situations."

"Asking and expecting to receive is not a self centred position. Have had a number of opportunities to ask for outcomes / changes at work this week and almost without connecting it my position was this is what I need how can you make it happen with me and for me - bingo!”

"The model Kay shared is extremely useful and has many applications, I have some ideas in mind to put it into practice."

"The model was really good and got me thinking about how I ask for things, both business and personal."

"It's good to have a place to come once a month which supports me at the same time as stretches my mind. Being part of The Sparkle Zone was an easy decision for me. I learn from the women in 'the Zone', have access to Kay to ask questions and share developments with her. What's interesting about being part of a community like this is how supportive everyone is. As well as teaching principles of communication each month or giving insights about a strategy to work with in your career or business, Kay also encourages sharing and on-the-spot coaching for the members. She's so intuitive and surprises you with the content and how relevant it is to use the very next day.

Hearing the other women's developments, struggles and solutions and learning from them too just multiplies the value of the Zone."

—Ali Wharmby, Oxfordshire County Council, UK

Some clients chose to keep their names/company confidential which I know you’ll respect, as do I. I truly appreciate them sharing their story and experience to show you what’s possible.

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