Sharing the message with audiences of mainly women – and very smart, open-to-change men – I’m comfortable on my feet and being in the moment.

As a Guest Speaker I believe I truly have a responsibility to engage and inspire. Otherwise, why would you want to invest your precious life energy listening to someone ‘bang on’ and say nothing? I don’t want to. Nor do you.

When I speak, it’s from my heart, mixed in with steps, proven strategies, examples and real-life stories. That’s the only way I know how.


Kay Speaking

Tori Al Shaikley

“Kay was a real asset to our seminar program at the WorkingMums LIVE exhibition, engaging the audience with herfantastic style and most importantly, content. There was a real buzz in the room, and Kay’s ability to connect with delegates at all stages of their careers is an inspiration. A number of delegates were spotted reading Kay’s book during the exhibition and feedback from attendees has been excellent; to inspire such enthusiasm is the surest sign of her amazing connection with the audience.  There were queues of women outside waiting to hear her and some had to sit on the floor it was so overbooked!

From the outset, Kay understood exactly what was needed, and it was a pleasure working with her in the lead up, on site and post event; I truly look forward to working with Kay again soon and we’ve already got her down to speak for us next year!”

—Tori Al-Shaikly, Working Mums Live, London

Sparkly Quotes

“Kay spoke on our Main Stage at the June 2013 Conference and we had such a great response from the Women1st audience. She shares from her heart and gives a combination of clear steps to take (and things to say) to help you be a more influential communicator day to day so you get more of what you want at work. Kay gives you the thinking and clear examples of how and why what she shares works. If you want someone to inspire, sparkle and really show up as themselves as they give great value to your audience, I recommend Kay White to you.”

—Simone Roche, Director, Women1st.co.uk

Chelsea Berler
Chelsea Berler is the founder of the fast-growing Solamar Marketing Agency and Chelsea’s team look after a lot of the ‘back stage’ of my business. It was a pleasure to speak at their Team Retreat via Skype.

“As an employer, I was blown away by how a simple talk by Kay empowered our team members to communicate more clearly, work together internally and even say ‘no’ or set boundaries with their clients in a way that felt good to everyone involved. There was a real buzz amongst the team after she’d spoken. They felt happy to be “understood” and I was happy to have more effective, assertive and still respectful communication happening with our clients.

We had Kay as a guest, live via Skype, from the UK to our Retreat in Birmingham, Alabama. It was just great and worked perfectly – her wisdom has brought much value to my business and I can’t wait to have her back to equip our new team members!”

—Chelsea Berler, SolamarAgency.com, USA

Lisa Sasevich

“Kay has graced the stage at my sold-out events 4 times. To stand and share her story and message in front of my audiences of over 400 people can be a little daunting to say the least. Kay has a powerful message to share which people really need to hear about how to communicate and influence with confidence, style and ease for your business success. Kay’s able to hold the room with her energy and presence and speak so people really sit up and listen to her.”

—Lisa Sasevich - Sales Conversion Expert & # 1 Best-Selling Author, theinvisibleclose.com.

"On behalf of the Institute of Directors Central London Branch, I would like to thank Kay White for taking the time out of her schedule to deliver an engaging and thought-provoking presentation to our members and guests yesterday evening.

Kay’s content and style created a good understanding of Speaking and Influencing and – from the positive responses from the audience – will no doubt provide inspiration for IoD members’ regarding how they present themselves in the future."



“This event was amazing. It was very relevant in that I can apply the tips to my work life and home life right now. Thank you!”

“A great event. When can we have more?”

“ I found this event useful, but came away wanting more. When can we get her back?”

“A great speaker….Kay really knew how to connect with the audience.”

“The time just flew. I loved the way Kay wove personal images into her presentation. That made it so real for us.”


“Kay’s morning session at the City Business Library was a very popular affair! We were over-subscribed and had a room full to capacity. The feedback from the participants was very positive and we’ve already booked Kay to lead another session with us.

The participants came away with things they could implement straight awayand, especially for those for whom English isn’t their first language, more understanding of the subtleties – and nuances – of day-to-day English to use for their business success.”

—Goretti Considine, Head of City Business Library, London UK


“As a speaker, Kay quickly builds a positive bridge to her audience, encouraging her audience to play an active role. She integrates with her audience and makes the whole experience inspirational and useful at the same time. Kay dealt with questions thoughtfully, professionally and tactfully and her approach to individuals was honest and kind - even when faced with challenging questions!”

—Karin Ertl, Austrian Embassy, London UK


“Kay is a really engaging speaker! She spoke at one of our networking lunches and the audience learned a lot, asked her questions and came away with loads of tips and tools to use. Kay’s style is very relaxed and fun and she truly wants her audience to ‘get’ just how important the way they communicate really is and the difference it makes to their level of confidence and success.

I recommend Kay if you want to give your audience a lot to think about and some things they can do straight away to help them connect and be heard. We’ve had great feedback and we’re inviting Kay back!”

—Carole Black / Penny Wallis, bestbusinessevents.co.uk

Linda P Jones

“Kay White was a pleasure to have as Emcee for my 3 day event. She got the crowd energized and engaged them so they were alert, excited, and ready for me to return to stage. Kay’s completely comfortable thinking on her feet and making everyone feel comfortable, me included!

Kay also presented a talk that was just brilliant, perfect for my audience, andgave them practical steps to take home and put into action straight away.

If you’re considering Kay as a speaker, I highly recommend her. She’s magnetic on stage and engaging as a speaker and presenter of her information with her infectious sense of style and humour.”

—Linda P. Jones, CEO & Founder, Global Institute of Wealth for Women, lindapjones.com

Clare Lauwerys

“The Business Womans Network is frequently approached by people who want to speak to our members and we normally say no, preferring to have speakers we ourselves have heard. However, just 30 seconds of video from Kay’s site was more than enough to convince us that Kay was the perfect speaker to inspire our members and help them in business.

Kay’s witty, warm and above all shares wisdom and communication techniques that show you how to get to where you want to be. Later, on the same day as Kay’s talk, one member tweeted to say she had already used a skill learnt from Kay and it had delivered amazing results. Kay is, quite simply, amazing. Book her if you can!”


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