The Energy’s the same

When my client said to me along the lines “one the major lessons from Covid-19 is to expect the unexpected and to stay flexible with your plans.”

Truth.  Oh my goodness, I’ve lost track of how many 

  • arrangements we’ve changed, cancelled, let go.
  • Zoom catch ups we’ve had and then got cut off 
  • Trains, planes and automobile challenges
  • Trips on/off/on again

It kind of makes you dizzy doesn’t it?  

Especially if you, like me, enjoy planning and having all your logistical ducks in a row…. As this message arrives I’ll be slap bang in the middle of hosting a private client Retreat at our private Club in Central London.  

All booked in November 2021.  All having to be left loose and flexible now due to the UK rail strikes.

I had a few moments saying a word which rhymes with duck (and no, not luck) until I decided that was enough.  On to Plan B, C, D etc.

It takes as much energy and time to be grumpy, fed up and indecisiveas it does to be positive, optimistic and decisive.  I’ve decided to take the latter approach.

Next week I’ll update you on how it all panned out because – for right now, the rest is still unwritten….

 In other news…

One of my best birthday cards.  I shall be doing just that.

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