The Life Changing Magic of Tidying

That’s it then, throw everything of mine out” Snowy, my husband, said – somewhat exasperated.  We’d been discussing my intention to ‘Marie Kondo’ our home 2 years ago around about now.  I’d read the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying and knew that our home had many cupboards, nooks and crannies packed with things we didn’t want, need or even know we had.

I have to build up to these kind of projects .  It seems necessary for me to get fed up enough with the current status, have an idea about how I want it to be, get excited by that, give myself enough time (but not too much) and then – set a date and hit “GO”.

So in 2019 we went through our home from loft to shed via the garages and every room in between.  We took 5 months and it was so emotional at times.  And yet cathartic.  We let go of so much stuff.  Here’s Snowy’s garages before/after.  You can tell which is which…

With this in mind, this is how I’ve approached my recent ‘Marie Kondo’ project of updating my website.  A true makeover hadn’t been done since 2014 and so much has changed in my business, my focus, experience and what my clients need and want – and in my hairstyles and laughter lines…

Take about resistance to doing it though.  But, then I remembered our home project.  And, did the same.  Time, planning, frustration leading to what I wanted.  So – has been Marie Kondo-ed << from top to toe.  

Every word written by me and the process was actually really fun.  My Brand and Website Designer, Erin at Skyward Ink was key.  We’ve worked together for years, know and like each other and she kept me on track.  Peggy at PMA Associates also had her team attend to some of the trickier tech stuff.  You need support and others to spur you on and I 100% recommend both of these brilliant women.

My point of sharing this with you is this.

  • What have you been putting off because it feels too BIG or overwhelming?
  • What is the cost of leaving it as it is?
  • What will sorting it/attending to it do for you?
  • What’s a first step you could take?
  • Who else could support you with it or keep you on track?

We weeded out so much ‘dead wood’ from my site that now I can go in myself for the odd tweak here and there.  

It’s already paying me back with enquiries and finally, after not acting on it I had a Speaker Reel made from just a few of the myriad of speaking engagements over the years.  People need to see and hear you to trust you with their colleagues and this makes it easy.

Having spoken recently about taking responsibility for the direction of your career to the largest ever audience a global Insurer had attracted for a Women’s Network event, if you want to see if or how I can support you and your Network, do drop me a quick note here

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