Training for the Next One

When something you’ve been building up to goes very right or, indeed, wrong or doesn’t hit the mark, it’s all training for the next one...

One of my own precious Mentors, Andrea, said that to me when I spoke about all the things that went right and the many things which went ‘wrong’ when I hosted my first live – 3-day – Event back in 2013. 

There were so many lessons and do-overs.  I noted them and made peace with them and then, in 2014, did it differently.  Still, that was training for the 2015 one and so on…

Well, it’s all training for the next one Kay“.  

Isn’t that a helpful phrase  – it gives you permission to refine, regroup and do it again – with the lessons and experience.  I say this phrase a lot to my clients (and friends) to keep them buoyant and moving on towards the inevitable next challenge.

It’s so easy to throw yourself on the floor when things don’t go to plan and when you have unforeseen challenges (who doesn’t) on the day or in the lead up to the BIG day/s.  

Here’s an image which made me smile about ‘training’ a hound which is exactly as any project or event or opportunity you plan for…
How do you make peace with things going off-track and keep going ?  Rather than apologising and fretting and beating yourself up, I do hope you treat these inevitable instances as your own training for the next one?  

Here are a few phrases to make it easy to update others AND maintain your composure and confidence:

  • What a learning curve that was.  When we do it again, we’ll take on board all the lessons and make it easier/better/cheaper/ etc”
  • “There were moments when I thought all was lost but then I realised, we haven’t done this before.  Not in this way.  We’ve learned a ton and are already working on our go-around”
  • “There’s the plan and then there’s what happens.  I’ve put together a briefing which shows where our pinch points were and how we’ll avoid them going forward.”

All positive, all forward-looking and all acknowledging that we can learn and move on.  Clearly, I know a Surgeon doesn’t always get to have a do-over but even so, the lessons for each procedure will always be there.

If you just remove yourself from the risk of ever doing it again then you make that one-off experience just that.  

I tend to think that my training wheels never really come off.  Always learning, tweaking, improving, adjusting – then it’s a more positive and realistic experience for everyone.  Most importantly you !

Yesterday I went to my first French Conversation class with a group of insurance executives and we’re all keen to dust off our French vocab.  It’s amazing how much I could pull up from my brain having not spoken French for nearly 20 years!  

We all got stuck a few times and spoke ‘Franglais’ to keep moving but, it worked.  All training for our next one …

Oh and I want to recommend a Netflix series to you.  “Call My Agent” which is in French with subtitles and packed with great story lines, humour, drama and emotion.  Great cocktail!

 Douglas Puppyhound Developments


Douglas continues to grow and he got left at home when my Goddaughter Bea and I took Jeffrey for a walk and talk this week.  Being careful not to leave anyone out, it was Jeffrey’s turn!

Jeffrey, locked on to a squirrel in a tree.  Not interested in anything else…

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