What was I thinking?

It’s so easy to upset or to disconnect with someone when you give your opinion – or a sense of your opinion – too soon.

I’ve found a really useful little word which acknowledges what you’ve just heard without committing you to what you’re actually thinking.

Instead of “Oh gosh that’s awful” or “Oh how wonderful” or “Oh no” or “Oh brilliant” when someone gives you an update, a piece of news, their opinion – you can keep your powder dry for just a bit longer by using “Wow”.  

You don’t have to commit to what you think straight away.  There may be much more of the story or detail you need to understand, first.

Let me explain  and I know this works –  “Wow, tell me more” or “Oh wow, then what” or just a thoughtful-sounding “Wow” and then wait for more…


  • It can mean it’s great news or
  • it’s awful, 
  • it’s exciting, 
  • it’s dreadful, 
  • it’s the last thing I’d want etc.  
  • But it doesn’t commit you to what you think, yet! 

Our relationships are built and strengthened by understanding and having deeper connection.  Not being ‘opinionated‘ too soon is a great way to achieve both.

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 Douglas Puppyhound & Other Developments


Still on our Staycation, this week we went to meet up with Douglas’s 2 sisters. So lovely to see them all together and Jeff & DeeDee were a bit confused seeing Douglas multiplied!

AND his Mummy – the hound with Karen on the right – she recognised him and it made me cry…

Met with my Bestie Ellen (met at school aged 11) for lunch in London. Haven’t seen her for 18 months and 3 hours of solid chatting and laughing is so good for the soul!


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