Who comes with you?

When you go into a BIG meeting or tricky situation, an event or conversation which has high stakes for you, do you take your supporters with you?

The reason I ask you this is that most women don’t.  

They take that version of themselves who either expects to trip up or get flustered.

By “take your supporters” what do I mean ?

Well, if you think about all the people who love, care for, admire, support you – either in front of you still or in your heart, they’re always with you and ready to come along with you.

This week I’ve worked with 2 clients who had high stakes meetings on their horizon – both senior women in Governance and Law – who didn’t think to take their supporters along with them.  

They were preparing to take their critics.  The mental ‘critics’ who often tell them they’re getting too big for their boots or “who do you think you are to be going for that role?”  

We’ve all experienced their mean verbiage and it can stop us in our tracks if we listen to them 


But, like my 2 clients – you can do something else instead.  Easily, quietly and most importantly – effectively.

Maja Angelou, the author and activist, explained that when she had a high-stakes situation ahead of her 

I bring everyone who’s ever been kind to me; believed in me; supported me.  “Come with me” I say, I need you now.”

I just love that .  “Come with me” I say, I need you now.”

Just like you can think of your ‘dream team’ to bring with you, I think of 

  • my parents who loved me and supported me; 
  • my first boss who was one of my greatest fans and influencers; 
  • my buddies many of whom I’ve known for 40+ years; 
  • my clients who invest in and believe in my work and, of course, 
  • my husband who is my invisible handrail, lifelong case-study and soul & play mate.
  • I bring them with me.

You see, what it does is it shifts your energy and makes you feel stronger and more grounded.  

From that place you’ll always be more powerful, and feel more present and be more of a force for what you want.

Try it .  What’s the worst that can happen?  Nothing…  

But – I’d say to you – it can truly make all the difference to how you show up on the day having your ‘dream team’ come along with you.

 In other news…


Snow & I went to London for a day trip out last Saturday.  We had lunch together at the RAC on Pall Mall then walked across Horseguards Parade and then across The Thames to County Hall.  We saw an Agatha Christie production “Witness For The Prosecution”.

The play was in the actual old Court Room at County Hall and Snowy had bought us tickets to be in the Jury Box.  Crikey!

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