Today’s 3 Words

Everyday you’ll find three powerful, inspiring and positive words for you. For years now people use them to inspire themselves, their teams and they’re sometimes just the prompt you need on that particular day.

“I shape the words to help me with whatever my difficult issues of the day may be. I don’t remember any of the previous days words, I just focus on the current ones. I jot them down and then have them in my head throughout my day.”  —Simon, Partner in a UK Law Firm

“I use the 3 daily words as a ‘mental turbo boosts’ for me – some just make me smile, others I summon up when I am flagging – my internal narrator comes out with one to give me a shove in the right direction! They are a little secret weapon against the world sometimes.”  —Zoe, IT Manager, UK Charity

“I choose 1 of the words that I either find more relevant to what I do, or that I understand better. With the 1 word I can then shape my day with positivity. The word that sticks in my mind is Open-minded – this is a key word for me working in a showroom retail environment with desirable cars and a lot of passing ‘dreamers’. On this particular Saturday I was more open-minded with customers passing through the doors and sold 3 cars!!!” —Simon, Business Owner, Luxury Car Dealership

“When words are both true and kind, they can change our world.” —Buddha