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Well I think I enjoyed it” was the response I received from a participant in YOUR Year End Review.  It made me laugh.

YOUR Year End Review is an exercise I carry out with various groups I host at this time of the year.

When everyone seems to be having their year end review at work with their boss measuring them, rating them etc, so few people carry out theirown.  

Reflecting on the year just gone by before leaping into their year ahead.

I’ve hosted this exercise for years now – about 8 in fact – and every time I do it along with the participants too.  

Every time women tell me they’ve underestimated just how much they’ve done, handled, experienced, created, managed, recovered from etc.  I know I do.

Do you do anything like this?

Do you take a little time aside for yourself to review all that’s happened in the year about to end?

What it does is get you much clearer about:

  • what you want to go for
  • create or make happen
  • avoid etc in the year coming up. 

Below are just 6 of the key questions I ask.   

Everyone has 2 or 3 minutes to respond to each of the questions whilst I’m playing some background ‘chinging‘ music (as Snowy calls it 🤭)

  1. What were you doing, planning and feeling this time last year at the end of 2021?
  2. What are 5 key developments in your personal life in 2022
  3. What are 5 key developments in your professional life in 2022
  4. What have you done to make yourself feel proud in 2022?
  5. What do you know you have to forgive yourself for in 2022?
  6. What are you most grateful for in 2022?

You can tell can’t you …with this level of clarity and awareness you’re going to be all the more focussed and intentional in 2023.

I think that’s why one participant said she ‘thought’ she enjoyed it.  

They’re tough questions at times.  Forgiving yourself is always a toughy and also being proud.  It’s not something we, as women, like to consider.

As I reviewed my 2022 I did realise what a true rollercoaster ride it’s been.  

Jeffrey nearly dying of heart disease and being ‘rebooted’ by pioneering surgery with days left. Buying, selling and moving home in 3 months and all that it entails.  My sister moving to Crete 😢.  And that was only a few…

I bet your year will have similar highs, lows and twists and turns.  

It’s worth looking back to take the lessons and messages into your 2023.

 In other news…


Christmas landed in our new home last week with one of the two trees being place in our entrance hall.  It makes me smile every time I go by!

My bestie from school, Ellen, and her husband came to stay and she and Douglas made firm friends…and Ellen used to be scared of dogs 🥰

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