About Kay

"The road to success is always under construction" ~ Lily Tomlin

From an overworked, stuck and frustrated insurance executive to helping thousands of corporate career women build a sustainable career and life they love and are proud of.

Before there were two number 1 bestselling books. 

Before creating a multiple 6-figure business with clients all around the globe. 

Before teaching corporate women about career acceleration strategies without selling your soul… there was ‘Corporate Kay’ – starting as a Secretary to becoming a Director at Willis, an international insurance broking house in London.

Frustrated I couldn’t get further after 20 years in the business, I could sense something had to give…  What have I got to do?”

Desperate for approval but knowing what got me there – hard work, commitment and dedication wasn’t getting me any further.  Stuck.  Scared. Fed up.  Really fed up.

Scared to leave but even more scared to stay – I knew if I didn’t manage my performance, someone else would start to.  Not good.


Leaps of Faith, Motivational Moments & Many Forks In The Road

I resigned and left my 6 figure salary package, company BMW and trusted I’d find my ‘now what?’ – I gave myself 3 months to find out.

While working part-time for The British Heart Foundation a friend saw my ‘now what’ for me. 

James had been working with a coach.  He seemed differentmore present, dynamic, optimistic.  He said his coach reminded him of me.   You should look into it Kay”.

Coaching?  What’s that then? Back in 2006 it wasn’t the well-known support and career booster it is now.

“I took a photocopy of the first ever cheque I received for my coaching services.  It was a real moment in time being paid for my expertise and experience.”

Investing in Myself, Saying “Yes” Long Before Being Ready & Keeping Going

After a few years building my low-key but moderately successful coaching practice, I knew it was time.   Time to ramp things upYou know when you know.

  • I invested over £20,000 in my own business development.
  • I committed and flew to the US 16 times in 24 months and worked with a Mentor who had created a 7-figure business online and hosting events
  • I learned to speak on stages and share my message.
  • I started writing my first book – and teaching it whilst I was still writing it!
  • I created my own 3-Day Live Event following an ‘I Dare You Kay’ moment

After that, things got BIGGER, faster and more successful – financially hitting multiple 6-figures less than 3 years of making my own business investment.

Being True To Myself, Teaching What I Had Most Needed To Learn, Staying Grounded


By continuing to invest in my own development. 

By understanding what my clients are going through (I’d been there) and showing them how to leapfrog ahead without selling out AND

by knowing who and what were most important to me.

Introducing you to my 3 Hs.

  1. Husband – married to Snowy for 20 years and including him (my MC!)
  2. Hounds – we’ve had rescue hounds for 19 years. I walk them early every morning and rarely trade that for business meetings.
  3. Homelife – keeping balance where I can. Working from home for 19 years and loving it. Here in 2020/21 it’s just as well…


Continually learning and leaping…

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner & Trainer
  • Thought Field Therapy Practitioner
  • Author, Speaker, Event Host, Emcee
  • AND… drum roll, please…
  • Drummer!

When I hit 50 it was now or never in my mind.

I’d always loved heavy drum beats

I’d always loved LOUD heavy metal bands – Guns ‘N Roses, Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana

I’d always wanted to play the drums

I took lessons.  I said “Yes” to playing at a Gig as the Guest Drummer long before I was ready.  I played in front of 150 people for the first time ever live!

Metallica’s track Whisky In The Jar

AND – I got lost with a drum fill.  I shook my head in frustration.  No one knew (except the base player) – the audience thought I was shaking my head grooving on down to the beat.  A lesson.

I’m able to do things like this because I teach what I know to be true.

You’ll never be 100% ready.  Say YES before you’re ready and then…you get ready.

A Little Bit More…

  • Worked in Paris for 6 months negotiating insurance business with a scarily basic knowledge of French (Ooh la la)
  • My husband and I love Waterskiing, fast and furious and face-planting but getting up again
  • Love the series Modern Family and my all-time favourite film is a toss up between Moonstruck and Tootsie
  • Raising money for Refuge – the UK’s largest charity supporting women and children experiencing or at risk of domestic violence

“You can toot your own horn without blowing your own trumpet.  Let people see and understand who you are and what makes you light up.  Why hide it?”

 ~ Kay White

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