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Live & Virtual Events, Gatherings, Workshops

Live or Virtually, gathering is critical so make it engaging!

I always say and truly believe “You teach as you share”.

Encouraging women at Events to use their own story-telling, live examples and practical tips to bring to life even more what I’m sharing and teaching adds further connection, depth and certainty.

I’ve learned how to create spaces in which professional women feel safe, heard and understood.

Hosting One & Two Day Events ONLINE in 2020 taught me how to engage, inspire and deliver content just as effectively as in person.

That’s where real, inspired actions and decisions takes place – when groups gather.  Virtual can be just as effective…if not more (if you know how to engage and keep attention)

Global LiveVirtual Events

Craft your custom plan for your ideal career AND life from now.  

Hosting one-day Virtual Events, streamed around the world from my home to over 60 women in 7 countries.

Sometimes, a leap of faith is the only direction of travel so, I took a leap of faith!

Even though we can’t gather live at the moment, our ideas and inspiration can.

“There’s nothing like this experience this side of the Atlantic.”

Kay attracts amazing women from all over the world and while I knew it would be a great event, the amazing details Kay shares and shows you about who you are and how valuable you are just blew me away.

I’ve learned what was holding me back and how to truly break through that.”

Daniella Rubinovitz, The Netherlands

I wanted to learn how to approach a profession known for ‘Dark Suits’ and build a reputation on being ‘sparkly’ and a bit different, whilst still gaining respect.”

I was moving jobs and thought it the Event was a good opportunity to have some ‘me time’ to think about how I wanted to shape my new role and I went with an open mind.

I learnt so much! Everything from the importance of ‘driving your own bus’ in your career to how to justify your reassuringly expensive charges – and even how to comfortably pose for photos! 

You’ll be amazed by how much you’ll learn, how much confidence it will give you to go for what you want in your career – and just how professional AND fun Kay is as a host.

Hannah P.

UK Family Lawyer and Live Event participant

The production and content were excellent, really impressive.”

I’ve been on calls and events hosted by Government departments and industry forums which were much lower tech, with poor muting, interruptions, no option to go into small groups, so this was truly impressive.
It made me feel like a valued client – thank you Kay!

Frances H.

Manager, UK Consultancy

A great day that proved that virtual conferences ARE POSSIBLE and SUCCESSFUL.”

 Not having joined many virtual events like this, the careful planning and technical organising was second to none. Thank you. 

I got renewed inspiration for career planning and confidence boosting strategies that Kay is so brilliant at and to take time out at this crazy COVID times for some valuable “me-time”.

It was nice to have the virtual lobby to prepare and it was nice to see so many brilliant women sign up, the energy and buzz was ever-present and amazing. It cannot replace a real live event but was a great alternative at this time.

Janna D

Manager, Investment Bank, Sweden

Bespoke Events & Gatherings

Designed and delivered for Corporates Companies and for private clients.  

All include group discussions, preparation, accountability and actionable takeaways and steps.

Includes a Follow-On Reminder Call within 21 days for further accountability, refreshers and any Q&A.

Below are examples of recent Half-Day and One-Day Events designed and delivered in 2019/2020.

Show Up Sparkle & Be Heard Live!

Be a more confident, comfortable and engaging Presenter in meetings & events

Miss Representation

Challenge your Imposter Syndrome and stop stopping yourself

Miss Representation

Let go of perfection and get more done with more ease

Show Up Sparkle & Be Heard Live!

Be seen, heard and valued at work – designed to boost confidence & courage

Miss Representation

Private Screening of a film about limiting female stereotypes

Miss Representation

Ask for what you want in a persuasive, influential way – get to YES easily

When you gather BIG thinkers in small rooms – magic happens

“I have a daughter and I was interested in how women are portrayed in the media and how it might affect the way people think about women.

I was surprised at the extent of negativity against high achieving women;
  Thank you Kay for bringing this to my attention and I enjoyed the women who attended and the Panel. The venue was brilliant and your team were very helpful and welcoming.”

Hilary Malcolm

Legal Team, UK High Street Bank, London

“The most important lesson for me is to be myself when I am presenting and not to be scared of it being anything less than perfect.

It was great. I liked the way it was broken down into relatively small sections which is was easy to digest and interspersed by discussions which really helped the learning to sink in.”

Helena C.

Partner, City Law Firm, London

“I was surprised at how the discussion, both from Kay and the audience, struck a chord. It has been a long time since I have sat down and really considered my own career progression and my own feelings as to why I am dissatisfied at the moment. The half-day made me stop and think.

It was clear from talking to attendees who have been associated with Kay for some time how much they have benefitted from coaching and encouragement she offers and her valuable support network. The ability to be able to share situations is so key and I had forgotten that.”

Karen G.

COO French Reinsurance, London

“EXCELLENT. One day with a detailed focus worked very well.  Wow.  And although we had the detailed focus on Presentations, it enabled you to pull in many of your other theories around self-confidence and influencing and presence.

I thought it Presenting With More Personal Presence is one of the best Events that Kay has run.  Let me talk to my Bank about hosting you.”

Alison G.

Global Bank Team Leader, London

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