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Stop Being Ignored

Stop Being Ignored

Fully-downloadable and straightforward, step-by-step guides to show you how to:

  • Send emails to connect and assertively get your point across – and get you the response you want
  • Speak up in meetings with confidence and certainty so you’re heard
  • Leave voicemails which compel people to get back to you

Invest in Stop Being Ignored and get on with your day-to-day business. 3 simple, easy-to-follow packages ready for you to download and use straight away. Right now.

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Stop Being Ignored

“Kay’s emailing secrets are amazing. I find it so much easier to write my emails now following Kay’s 7 steps and my emails flow better, people respond quickly AND often the response is even more positive than even I’m hoping for!

I consciously appreciate people more in my messages and the trick about layout is just so helpful. Where I used to sit and wonder how to start and what to say, NOW I get prompt responses and most people say “yes” or we get to a win/win.”

Susanna D.

Public Organization, UK

“Communicating to my clients is essential! Kay’s information is just great, she reminded me of paying attention to the exact words I use when I communicate. 

By spending less time chasing people up or on clearing up misunderstandings, it’s already helping me grow my business. AND saves me loads of time!”

Daniella Rubinovitz, Holland

Love the 7 Proven Steps to Get Your Emails Opened & Read.

I will listen to that recording several times. So rich with good, practical tips. Thank you.

I used Kay’s strategy in writing a recent email to a busy successful author and businesswoman who I wanted a quick response from. It was an important business development for me and I couldn’t wait around long for her to get back to me.

Using the steps, the format and the languaging Kay lays out for you, I put together an email and pressed ‘send’. She responded to my request right away and we were on the phone later that same day! This stuff really works.”

Jeanne Malnati

Deep Dish Communication, USA

It’s almost like magic how quickly people call me back now!

Kay has taken a common, everyday frustration and broken down the steps to easily fix it. Her 5-step PHONE system is simple to use and she gives solid tips and examples to make it work for you. It’s literally a Plug-and-Play!

If you combine this with the Email steps, well, it’s just so much easier day-to-day to keep things moving when you need a response – and we all need to get a response.”

Peggy Murrah, USA

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