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Kay Speaking

As a regular Guest Speaker at conferences, networking events, lunches and dinners, I’m thrilled to be invited to share my message about the importance of taking responsibility for your own career progress.  I call it “Driving Your Own Career Bus.”

As well as being a featured Speaker, I’ve led Panel Discussions following my talk and also been a Live Event Emcee Host and am comfortable following the flow and direction of the audience and hosts.

Comfortable speaking to audiences both in person and ‘virtually via Zoom/Skype or Livestream, my talks are always designed to engage the audience from the word ‘go’ and give immediate value with actionable tips, stories, examples and influential phrases for the audience to take and use straight away.

I really respect the precious time and energy an audience is investing when listening to a speaker.  There must be return on that investment.

When I’m booked as a Speaker, I commit to showing up and giving relevant, practical and engaging information and examples to use and help boost confidence and courage to actstraight away.   

No ‘Death By Powerpoint’ from me.


Kay Speaking
Kay Speaking

Speaking of Speaking – Short Speaker Reel

“Kay spoke on our Main Stage at the June Conference and we had such a great response from the Women1st audience. She shares from her heart and gives a combination of clear steps to take (and things to say) to help you be a more influential communicator day to day so you get more of what you want at work.

Kay gives you the thinking and clear examples of how and why what she shares works. If you want someone to inspire, sparkle and really show up as themselves as they give great value to your audience, I recommend Kay White to you.”

Simone Roche


“Kay spoke virtually, on Zoom, to our members recently and wow – what a great response!

Members were engaged, asking questions, making comments in the chat and Kay’s energy and knowledge of her subject are so timely.  Her passion and commitment for women to step up in their careers with more courage using her strategies shines through.

We wished we’d had more time for the Q&A.  We’ve booked Kay to speak again to our Canadian members in 2021 as we want them to be as inspired, fired up and ready to drive their own career buses as our UK members are.

I really recommend Kay, she’s a pro and you can 100% trust her to inspire and motivate your audience.”

Lara Pedley

Director, ISC Group

On behalf of the Institute of Directors Central London Branch, I would like to thank Kay White for taking the time out of her schedule to deliver an engaging and thought-provoking presentation to our members and guests yesterday evening.

Kay’s content and style created a good understanding of Speaking and Influencing and – from the positive responses from the audience – will no doubt provide inspiration for IoD members’ regarding how they present themselves in the future.

Stuart Aarons

The Institute of Directors, Central London Branch

“I booked Kay for the second time as she was such a success as the keynote speaker to my Networkers, all senior executives, entrepreneurs and business owners.  Her energy, humour and knowledge of her subject resulted in excellent feedback and I asked her to return when she received another enthusiastic response.

Kay’s background in the City gives her real insight into the ups and downs of working in the corporate world and her tips and suggestions about getting ahead at work are both proven and accessible.

If you want to fire up your audience, really make them think and be entertained at the same time, I suggest you follow my example and book Kay to speak at your next event.”

Lady Val Corbett

Director, Professional Women's Network



Really helpful talk – definitely some changes I knew I needed to make but didn’t have the confidence to do. Thank you.”

“I think I picked up a lot of great tips and you had me thinking things I hadn’t thought about before. I LOVED the before/after question session!”

“Thank you very much Kay. Very helpful tips from you – I really enjoyed it!”

Loved the video and live demo exercise…VERY powerful.”

“Thank you – I have taken away a number of key learnings to implement today!”

Oh my word – I had no idea how many opportunities I’d been missing. Not anymore!”



“The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence.”

~ Beyoncé

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