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Unlock, Maximise and Retain The Leadership Potential of Your Female Talent - Everyone Wins

Corporate Coaching & Consulting

Partnering with organisations to design and deliver bespoke business solutions.  

Accelerate and retain the leadership contribution of female talent for competitive and reputational advantage.

Enquire about my ELEVATE™ Leadership Accelerator Programme – designed to be delivered over 90-180 days and laser focussed on your organisation’s corporate outcomes and aligned with participants’ personal aspirations.

I collaborate with internal stakeholders to ensure measurable, substantial and sustainable improvement and growth in participants’ personal performance ensuring discernable Return-On-Investment is achieved.

Egs Clients’ Growth & ROI via ELEVATE™ Leadership Accelerator Programme

The ripples of the investment…

  • Doubled productivity & reduced headcount in 6 months
  • Grew practice 60% in 2 years & achieved 230% of target in 3rd year with lowest attrition rate
  • Promoted to lead team of 300 having been counting down to retirement
  • Went for promotion to MD instead of leaving organisation
  • Secured biggest sales deal of the year ($100million) by leveraging relationships & team output
  • Implemented efficiency drives reducing errors by 98%
  • Promoted and stayed in the business inspiring other women to step up
  • Called out & managed disruptive behaviours distracting from bottom line focus
  • Pushed back on writing of £9million bad debt recovering £8.2million leveraging relationships & persuasion techniques

      Egs Client Focus For Boosted Corporate Performance

      • Executive Presence & Confidence
      • Challenge Your Imposter Syndrome
      • Conscious Purposeful Business Growth
      • Personal Strengths & Growth Agenda
      • ID & Access Stakeholders, Sponsors & Network
      • Flexible, Influential Communication Style

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