Private & Corporate Career Coach

Group work and one-to-one work - designed and proven to get you where you want to faster with guidance and support

Be strategic, tactical AND honest with yourself.  

That’s when we get real traction together.

Since 2006 I’ve worked with corporate career women, many of whom are stuck, overlooked and underestimated.  What got them to where they are – hard work and commitment – isn’t getting them ahead anymore.  Frustration and doubt creeps in.

Not for long though…

When I’m on your side and in your corner – either sponsored by your Company or as a private investment you make – it’s an intense and rewarding experience designed to quickly accelerate your progress, sharpen your focus and produce tangible results like more recognition, satisfaction, money, opportunity and personal courage.

I still invest in my own Coach – she sees things for me I can’t and encourages me to have more faith in the actions I want (or want to dare to) take.

How could I encourage others to take this step in their careers if I haven’t too?


Private Mentoring

Private One-to-One Coaching

Tactical and practical private focus on what you want to achieve together.  I’m on your team for 90-120 days.  Apply for a Career Strategy & Action Session here. 

Private Mentoring

Group Mentoring

Designed to add the power of Group Masterminding time.  The Career Sparkle Zone and The VIP Golden Circle are both 12-month group intensives with personal guidance and accountability from me.

Private Mentoring

Private VIP Accelerator Days

This is for you if you have an urgency and want to ‘hit the ground running’ with me.  Use this investment to take ACTION.  Create or update your CV with me, design a key speech or presentation, prepare for an interview, plan out a path after redundancy.  All highly sensitive, time-driven and personal-to-you tasks.  Investment includes Preparation and Follow On calls.  Online & on the ‘phone.

Private Mentoring

Small Group Retreats

A small, closed-door meeting for up to 12 corporate career women.  We prepare you for group masterminding time and you learn as much from the group as you do from me and your own preparation.  It’s like no other meeting you’ll have experienced before.  We gather live in person OR on Zoom and – it’s never corporate grey.  Investment includes Preparation & Follow On calls.

“I worked privately with Kay and quickly saw real, tangible results in both my professional and personal performance. First pay review and bonus in 2 years shortly after Kay and I started working together. I know it’s because of how I now think and communicate which is really a key to success and being the best you can be. Because of all this I recently attracted an amazing new job opportunity which I said “Yes” to.”

Samar Pratt

Director, Global Bank

I’d been thinking for some time about moving to a more senior and strategic role within local Government.  I was unsure about whether I wanted a more senior role as well as whether, honestly, I thought I could do it.

I worked privately with Kay and through her insightful and strategic questioning, I realised exactly what was holding me back and why. Once we discussed how I’d position my skills and experience and handle the interview process, it all became clear.

I went for the role and although I was not successful on that occasion, it led to another (and better) opportunity and I start in my new post in November. 

Kay’s so skilled at what she does helping you realise you are too; and then shows you how to own the value of it with your actions and your words.”  

Ali Wharmby

Director, Local Government

“My approaches to the Sales Team were falling flat and I found it hard to get reactions and responses from them to include me in sales discussions and consider me as part of the core Sales Team. Before working with Kay I was at the point of frustration and it was affecting my confidence.

During our VIP Accelerator Day Kay quickly showed me how to hook and keep attention when I engaged with the Sales Team over email and when I present at Sales Meetings.

It’s SO much easier to get people’s attention and get them into action for me. I’m noticing how I’m included in discussions, invited to meetings and people are coming to me to help them craft their emails too. I recommend you follow Kay’s savvy, smart suggestions for your day-to-day challenges.

Thelma Putzel

Education Sales Specialist, Leading Software Company, USA

Working with Kay is so much more than working with just a ‘Career Coach’

I’ve been able to be more objective and really understand my impact on the business now.  I’m committed to the stability of succession planning and have recently been promoted – rather than giving up and leaving. 

My influence has meant colleagues have also decided to stay.”

Teresa C.

Legal Director, City Law Firm

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