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I listened to the podcasts this morning as I was writing emails. They definitely inspired me to communicate repeating my client’s name for a deeper connection.

As always Kay your expertise is priceless! Thank you – keep them coming!

Sharon Agates

Even from a male perspective Kay’s podcasts match the excellence of her live presentations – everyone should take the time to listen and learn.

Well done!!

G. C.

I wish I’d found this sooner!

A fantastic podcast that is concise, relevant and essential for any woman in a corporate role. I wish I had found this sooner!

Kay clearly ‘gets it’ in terms of the challenges facing women in this industry and provides tangible advice. Kay’s advice is not always the cliche suggestions but real advice that allows listeners to be authentic. Am telling all my female friends about the podcast! Thank you Kay.

Kiki Ranners

These podcasts are nuggets of wisdom, give them a try!

Beautifully presented and just the right length.

Olga B.

137 – Keeping A Little Back

Managing your energy and expectations of yourself. Pacing yourself, learning to recover and self-care are not a selfish act. They're critical to your ability to support others.


136 – The Lessons and the Afterglow

Stretching yourself, planning your way and learning a ton at the same time. Expand your thinking by stretching outside of your comfort zone and blazing your trail as you do.


135 – Decisions, Deciding and Doing it.

How to keep going when you decide on action and the fear comes up. Strategies and mindsets to adopt which keep you focussing on bravery rather than fear when you’re outside your comfort zone


134 – Fighter Pilot or Tap Dancer

The Clues from your childhood ambitions can really guide and work for you now. Sometimes we can't see how our instinct has been guiding us to what we're doing now. How to look more closely can be transformational for your 'right now'.


132 – Being more Self-ish isn’t selfish

Invest time and self-care in yourself to be the best you can be is of service to others. Stop thinking you can do everything by yourself, we all need love and support of others and we need time to ourselves


131- Go On, Prove It

How to keep track of your achievements so you shine at work. Stop scrambling about to update your colleagues about developments and do this instead!


130 – Own It, Otherwise Others Will

Own your skills, experience and input before it's credited to someone else! How to keep yourself involved and included without being pushy or uncomfortable. It's up to YOU!


128 – When Is Enough Really Enough?

When you've tried to fix something and now is the time to act with intention. People don't change when you want them to. Only when they want to. Sometimes they just don't want to. Then what?


127 – Would You Be Gutted Too?

Understand about the choices and how to consider your options. Learn about loss of choice and how it's a powerful motivator for a decision.


126 – Waiting For What?

Make your move before you're ready. Getting ready to be ready can be a disguised procrastination habit. Putting yourself out there before your 100% ready attracts opportunity and makes things happen.


125 – Learn The Lesson & Then Let Go

How to take the lesson and move through tough situations with grace. Stop getting stuck with what should have happened, learn the lesson then move on. It's SO worth it.


124 – Enough Already

Stop holding yourself back by comparing and thinking you aren't something enough. You are. How to stop that sense of being reduced by what happens to you or how others treat you and trust your own experience and wisdom instead.How to stop that sense of being reduced...


123 – Drink Up Your Own Medicine

Two simple mantras to live by to support your health, well-being and career progress. how to self-care and letting go support you when things are tough


122 – A Sanity Saver

Put your own boundaries firmly in place in your diary for your sanity's sake. Be canny with your diary and treat yourself and your own time fiercely for your own wellbeing.


121 – What WON’T Happen Next

Understand more about the trends and shifts in the working world. How to make the most of the opportunities and also recognise how quickly things change, if they have to.


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