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I listened to the podcasts this morning as I was writing emails. They definitely inspired me to communicate repeating my client’s name for a deeper connection.

As always Kay your expertise is priceless! Thank you – keep them coming!

Sharon Agates

Even from a male perspective Kay’s podcasts match the excellence of her live presentations – everyone should take the time to listen and learn.

Well done!!

G. C.

I wish I’d found this sooner!

A fantastic podcast that is concise, relevant and essential for any woman in a corporate role. I wish I had found this sooner!

Kay clearly ‘gets it’ in terms of the challenges facing women in this industry and provides tangible advice. Kay’s advice is not always the cliche suggestions but real advice that allows listeners to be authentic. Am telling all my female friends about the podcast! Thank you Kay.

Kiki Ranners

These podcasts are nuggets of wisdom, give them a try!

Beautifully presented and just the right length.

Olga B.

119 – It’s Up to YOU in The End

How to consider and respond to situations way out of your control. Why a helpful phrase will affect the outcome of your experience as you navigate these trick, choppy waters in your career AND in your life


118 – Weasel Words Take Away Your Power

Understand the effects of weasel words and use different ways to articulate yourself at work. These simple, habit-forming ways of expressing ourselves take away our power and we often end up asking for permission to speak, act, respond. Stop it!


117 – Seek Failure, Yes REALLY!

There is such power in stepping out of your comfort zone. The confidence boost of realising there are no real 'absolutes' and how it's about how you define things.


116 – Be CV or Resume Ready

Be ready to be ready when opportunity knocks. Why having an updated and strategic CV or Resume ready to go is such a smart career move.


115 – Be Objective & Be Brief

People appreciate your candour and brevity at this intense time. Follow a simple structure which enables you to give enough detail AND not too much as you update people.


111 – Making Homeworking work

Make your new working world as effective as possible for yourself. Having worked at home for 18 years here are tips, ideas and things which make homeworking easier and more productive (and fun)


109 – You Are Already Worthy (and enough)

Understand and work with that sense of not being ‘something’ enough. There’s a mindset shift and a tactic which will help you to go for things when you have that doubt about “am I worthy of this?”


108 – Opportunities & The Unknown

Say YES before you're ready and work out the details as you go. Why it's so key to put your hat in the ring at work rather than falter or hesitate when opportunity knocks


107 – Don’t Commit Yourself Too Soon…

How to buy time. think more clearly and still respond in the moment. Why it's key to have a few more phrases to enable you to respond or contribute without committing yourself too soon...


103 – STOP Interrupting Me

How and why you must have your say and stop those interrupters in their tracks. Stop allowing others to shine instead of you and do it with confidence without breaking the relationship.


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