All change!

It just wasn’t making sense to me anymore.  I had that nagging feeling that I needed to change a decision and, at the same time, didn’t want to let anyone down.

I’m sure you can relate to this too AND then it came to me.

If the resistance I’m feeling to getting on and planning a one-day live gathering for clients and connections is real then, pay attention to it.

There’s nothing worse than dragging yourself through somethingand knowing in the back of your mind you don’t want to follow through it with.  It affects your planning and the whole experience becomes a chore rather than a joy.  That’s where I was.

So.  I changed my mind…

People often think if you change your mind then it’s a weakness of some form.

I believe that, with new information and a clear head, to change your mind is a true personal leadership move.

We don’t always have the option to do this do we ?  But, when we do, when circumstances and feelings have changed, then noticing what you’re noticing about your prep and planning and then taking action opens you up again!

Here’s what happened…

  • I spoke to the venue in London and started to discuss cancellation of the gathering in June.
  • As I was speaking it came to me “reschedule” you don’t have to cancel, just move it.
  • Discussed dates/possibilities for the smart, sparkly room I’d booked.
  • Landed on just one date which works.
  • Booked that date.  
  • Wrote to all concerned honestly explaining the change and – interestingly – a number of women have dropped me a note saying they can now attend when they couldn’t before AND others saying how it suits their diaries better too,
  • I feel SO much better about it all and now am excited to create a special experience where, before, I felt I was dragging myself to it.

There’s a lesson in here for us both.

Changing your mind with new information is truly a leadership move.  Clearly I don’t mean flip/flopping all the time but rather than ploughing on when all your instincts are shouting to you “NO”, take assertive, inspired action in another direction.

There’s an interesting aside to this.   

That the very same day I received a note from a colleague about a date change for an event being organised at Bayes Business School in London.  

I dropped her a note saying it must be a trend as I’d just done the same and it was a tough thing to do but necessary.

She told me something interesting and pertinent.  

Bayes is named after Thomas Bayes (1702-1761) who was a theologian and mathematician.  As it says on their website: “Bayes’ theorem suggests that we get closer to the truth by constantly updating our beliefs in proportion to the weight of new evidence.”

There you go.  If I hadn’t dropped her a note I wouldn’t have learned this AND I think for us both, it reminds us to always be open to new information and act upon it.  Responsibly. 

A final word on the matter…


Malcolm Gladwell quote: Occasions when you can change your mind should be  cherished... 

And in other news…


Another ”all change” moment here in our homelife! 

I said we’d never have another puppy again after Douglas arrived in our lives in 2021.  We’ve decided (driven by me I must add 🤭) to welcome Thelma, a Bedlington Whippet pup into our lives and we bring our circle of hounds up to to 3 again.  Yay!  I’ll report back with some incoming puppy hound pics next week 💫

And Douglas, now 3 years old, has been going to Playschool recently to make him more sociable and less reactive around other dogs.  It’s already working and this week was their Harry Potter theme week as you can see below!

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