Alright, alright, alright

Since deciding to ‘resign’ from the classic RomCom formula kind of films, Matthew McConaughey has just got himself into real ‘flow’.

He made millions of $$s being the poster boy for RomComs – Failure To Launch, The Wedding Planner, How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days etc.  Making money for himself and the studios was easy.  He still gets a lot of royalty $$s for them…

Until it wasn’t easy.  Until he decided it wasn’t who he was anymore.

In his book Green Lights (100% recommend it to you) he talked about the sense of his soul shrivelling because the RomCom was light, bubbly, nothing heavy happened.  

His life had shifted hugely with a lot of ‘heavy stuff’ affecting him – loss of relatives, marriage, being a father.

It took 18 months in the ‘wilderness’ of this decision with only RomCom scripts being sent to him then…. no scripts being sent to him.  

Until suddenly he was in something of a bidding war he didn’t want.  

A RomCom came his way.  It was good.  They would pay him $8 million…he said No thanks.  Then it went to $10million, then $12 million then…$14 million.  Still he said No thanks.

After that, really soon after that, The Lincoln Lawyer, Mud, Magic Mike and The Dallas Buyers Club (Best Actor Oscar winner for him) came his way.

I’m not being just a whimsical fan here (although he is something of hero of mine …and very easy on the eye).

Here’s the thing about all this which has struck me and maybe you too?

He had to say a strong, firm NO to what was easy, expected and comfortable.  He had to repeat that NO to allow the strong, exciting, ‘out there’ YES to come forward.

Letting go of the trapeze, flying through the air, trusting the other trapeze will appear is scary.

But then so is having that feeling of your soul shrivelling inside you.  Showing up for the money when the spirit of adventure, fun, excitement, contribution has long gone.

  • Do pay attention to yourself and what is a strong NO for you these days.  
  • Do notice what you notice when you think of that NO and what your YES could be.
  • Do take a step in the direction of what it is that’s calling you.  You don’t have to pull the plug on everything but take that step.  Find out more.  Ask.  Chat to people.

I’ve just enrolled in a one-off Event hosted by Matthew McConaughey and you might be interested too?  It’s next Monday 24th and you can find out about it here.  I might see you there…I’ve enrolled in the Zoom room version!

In other news…


Hanging out over Easter at the seaside was so special.  Our hounds and we too are adjusting to being a hound-down having let DeeDee go.  We also saw our niece and her houndies and swapped Easter eggs and dog chews!

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