Be more self-ish

After attending one of my three-day events in London focused on career acceleration and owning your value, Jane (let’s call her) came to the realisation that that she wasn’t driving her own bus in her career and she needed to take back the steering wheel and quickly.   

Jane had long been told by her boss that there was no room to pay her any more; this led to her taking interviews for roles outside the company which were paying higher. 

After a session with me primarily focussed on interview preparation, what Jane realised was that she didn’t actually want to leave her current company at all.

What she needed to do was focus and improve on her influencing skills in relation to negotiating her salary where she was.

And so, in a private session soon after the event, we focussed on strategies and techniques to prepare her for her salary meeting.

What Jane shared about this meeting is exactly what I want for you. 

Instead of using most of the time to speak about each of her team members and then squeezing in a last-minute reference to her salary and rewards, she did it differently.   

She started with herself.  

  • She focussed on her own developments,
  • the full scope of the role now she understood it more fully, 
  • and what she had already implemented. 
  • She also laid out her plans for the coming year.
  • As she did, she was even more certain that she deserved consideration for a raise.  

Clearly, Jane prepared for this meeting, which – of course – you will too.   But most importantly, she had the confidence to put herself first. 

Aha.  No one is more interested than you should be…
Interestingly, her boss appreciated the thought she’d put into her own case and told her she’d impressed him with her thinking and her tenacity.  

Jane received a more substantial salary review and bonus than she would have otherwise because she’d been clear and comfortable knowing she deserved it.  

Her level of receiving and being able to receive had risen, along with her confidence and certainty. 

So , what does Jane’s story tell you?

  • How will you prepare and negotiate for yourself this year?
  • What do you want and what case do you have? (key questions!)
  • What will you do to start ‘seeding’ what you want before you come out and ask?

A final word on the matter…



 And in other news…


Our precious niece Grace celebrated her birthday last weekend and I bought her a dress the same as I already had and which she’d admired – which is a sweater on me as I’m 6ft tall!  Love that we have the same bit of kit and both feel great in it 🥳

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