If not now then when?

So, I’m off seeing my sister in Crete this week.  

She and her partner Nick moved there in May and whilst I miss her being around A LOT I’m so excited to see how they’re building out their new lives on a Greek island!

When you consider “one day I’ll ….” you have to – just as Nick and Claire have – look at making it real rather than keep saying “one day“.

One day may never come.  

It takes energy from you to have that whole “one day I’d love to” without any form of a plan…

Your health, circumstances, financials can all change in a heartbeat.  

So, a brief message from me this week and I’ll report back next week on my Cretan adventures.

They say you regret the things in this life you don’t do…far more than the things you do.  It does require leaps of faith though and they can feel scary….

AND anything though you’ve done which has stretched you has always been a little scary or have real risks involved and we’ve pushed through them.

Just as my sister and Nick have done and, to an extent, Snowy and myself when we upped and moved to the countryside in April – “If not now, when?” needs to be answered and then planned.

 “Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase” 

~ Martin Luther King Jr

 In other news…


I met up with a colleague and friend for a good old natter this week. We hadn’t spoken for well over a year now BUT we picked up where we left off and still have loads to catch up with for our Take2 lunch soon!

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