In the moment

As I was waiting for a meeting with a client’s boss this week, I watched the various interactions and body language of those waiting for other meetings.

The City offices of this big financial services firm were, as most are, impressive, imposing and echoey.

There were about 4 women waiting for meetings and all but one of them and me, were hunched over their telephones, checking their telephones or tapping away on their telephones.  Not present at all to what was happening around them.

“So what” you might say?  

Well, by being present to what’s going on via your phone, emails, Instagram, whatever…you’re not present and preparing yourself for your meeting.

I watched as they were called or met by their connection and they looked surprised and a little flustered.

Not the best intro to someone nor to your thought process as you go into a meeting.

Two were definitely interviews of some kind.

It’s so much better for you mentally and physically to 

  • sit still,
  • look around the room, 
  • breathe deeply, 
  • take up space with your body rather than hunch over looking and concentrating elsewhere.

Just as in the meeting itself. 

Phone on silent (obviously unless discussed) and then putting your notebook etc squarely in front of you and, again, taking up space.  Sitting up.  Breathing deeply (not sighing of course 🤭).

Notice what you notice as you prepare yourself for meetings and if or how you fiddle or fidget with your phone whilst waiting for someone.  

It’s a slippery slope because suddenly – boom – you might read an email which unsettles you and distracts you during the meeting when you want to be present and grounded to what’s going on.

A final word on the matter…


“A vital question to ask yourself frequently is “What is my relationship to the present moment?””  

~ Ekhart Tolle

 And in other news…


These last couple of days have been all about romance 🤭  Snowy and I just celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary with a cheeky night away in a hotel close to our home.  We were able to get to know our town a bit better and have some good catching up chats (and Champagne!).  We both have a few more grey hairs and laughter lines of course from our Big day in 2001 but living in the present, it’s all good!  My niece, who was 5 at the time, drew this picture of us… hmmm!

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