It’s a two-way street

As the meeting started it hit me – we’re all in this together AND the organisation I’d just said “Yes” to work with were also needing to be congratulated!

Let me explain…

Having been accepted as a coach and facilitator for a US company starting up here in the UK, 6 of us gathered with our two US contacts on a Zoom call.

They started by saying something along the lines of “We just want to congratulate you for being here and being accepted as part of our community and one of our coaches“.

Hmm.  I appreciated that, truly.  And…

It works both ways” I thought to myself.

I then said “And thank you for that, I’d also like to say congratulations to you and XYZ company for gathering such a group of us to work with you as you launch here“.  

It went quiet for a second and then both contacts agreed.  They too were lucky to have found us!

My point for us both is this.

It’s very easy to hand over all your power in an interview situation.

You think thoughts like:

  • I hope they’ll like me and what I’m saying
  • I want to come across well and be taken seriously
  • What if I forget what I’m saying?
  • I really want this and hope I can convince them 
  • etc

Here’s the thing though.  It truly does work both ways.  It’s a two-way street.

Companies are struggling to find good candidates.  Candidates who want to get stuck in, stay, contribute.

The power in these interview, introductory moments is equal.

I know you want to be your best self, as indeed do – and did – I.  But I’m so aware how easy it is to be grateful to the point of almost indebted or obliged.


 In other news…


My sister is staying here for 3 weeks coming over from Crete.  Her kiddies (in their mid 20s but always kiddies to me!) have been coming and going as well as Claire’s school friends – we’ve had a house full at times.  Love it.

Hounds love having all the more attention!

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