Worthiness – Your Sense of Being Enough

“You are enough.” ~ The Universe

This is one of those words, worthy, which can set your teeth jangling.

Am I worthy of this? Who am I to be worthy or deserving of doing this or of having this? It’s a self-reflection moment and a decision that you make for you all about you. Being enough. Smart enough, experienced enough, clever enough, fun enough, kind enough and so it goes.

Worthiness is a tricky one to measure because it’s often a sense you have and no one sits you down and tells you – and even if they do, you don’t believe them. If you say to yourself “I don’t deserve this” or “people will think I’m too big for my boots if…” then this is where your worthiness muscle needs exercising, strengthening.

At the root of worthiness is how comfortable and how deserving you feel for what you attract and make happen in your life, good or not so good. To understand your own sense of worthiness and deserving is to be able to ask yourself “Who, if not me?” and “If not me, why someone else?”

You’ll often find there isn’t anyone else you know who should be doing or contributing or handling what you are, it’s just you need to get used to the feeling. The sense of it. The sense of you being enough, more than enough, to handle it. Imperfections and all.

You are already enough. Now, decide to believe it and act on it. That’s where the magic is!

Extracted from Principle 1 ”Your Expansion” from my new book.

Release date: 4th October 2018

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